Advice on Mass Building

I am 6ft1in , 79.5kgs and i am weight training every other day, 3 excersises on 2 body Parts , 4 sets of 10 reps at the minute,
Prepped meals consist of 1cup mixed Veg, 1 cup Carbs (brown rice, Rice Noodles, Sweet Potato) and a Chicken or Turkey Breast… Rump Steak occasionally.
Also Peanut Butter on Bagel.
Fish Oil
USN Hyperbolic Gainer

Some quick easy and cheap diet tips for adding mass…

Add a shot of olive oil to your shakes.
Add blended up oats to your shakes.
Eat 100g nuts a day (almond, walnut, macadamia)
Pint of whole milk at each meal
Pint of fruit juice directly after training
Coconut oil in your coffee
2 slices of bread with each meal

Obviously don’t implement them all at the same time!

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I don’t see a question, nor do I see any info on how well this is working for you. Are you gaining weight, losing weight, or staying the same on this diet? How long has your diet looked like this. And since you posted in the supplement section, are you looking for supplement advice or diet advice?

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Thanks KD13… was looking on advice if my diet looks correct or if there was any advised tweaks that could me made to help, i am only beginning my lifting and would like to gain as much advice as possible.

As well as any extra supplements i could add to my diet to help

If your just starting out then there is no need to be so accurate with you macros.

From your stats I would assume your leanish but lack muscle?

It really is trail and error if that’s the case, eat exactly how you planned to, consistently for a few weeks, watch the mirror and the scale and assess…

Weight going up? Look better? Keep going
Weight going up? Look fat? Eat a bit less
Weight not moving? Look better? Add a little more
Weight not moving? Look the same? Add more
Weight going down? Eat lots more

I’ve never really counted macros or cals but have managed to build a fair bit of muscle while staying lean. Don’t get to caught up in numbers.

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Exaxtly the answer i was looking for,
When i say beginner i mean BEGINNER! I have kept to this diet now for 3 weeks and feel better, i just thought with people saying nutrition was so important that i needed to get it perfect.
Thanks for the advice, restored faith in the forum again

Yeah your right that it’s important, but solid food choices and being responsive to your results will get you where you need to be at this stage.

Two people exactly the same weight and height with same daily activity will differ in there needs and body’s will respond differently to different macros. A calculater may give you a general idea of a ball park figure but it’s only a guide.

Eat well, train hard and smart, make changes based on results. And as I say to everyone… time! You can only progress so fast, and it’s a slow process.

Just seen your other thread about a cycle. I hope you have seen sense and will leave well alone, that would be very very stupid. It will not end well.

Yeah well i think i was being very very impatient, i am going to steer clear, just various bullshitters telling me you cant have a natural physique similar (not exactly) to a fitness model without the use of anabolics.
Thanks for your help man.

You can, plenty of people right here that have achieved amazing physiques without the use of drugs. There are also many people that look like shit and do gear. It’s not the determining factor!

I am starting out training and will be lifting 4 days per week,
I am 6"1 , 79.5kgs and would like to gain at least 5kgs.
Would the below macros be sufficient daily.
And would it be advisable to drop anything on rest days?
Daily calories ~ 3400
** first left column is my intake in grams**

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


What answer are you looking for?

And, according to what you posted, actually stick to the diet, stop eating crap and stop obsessing.

Was looking for advice from people who know what they are doing,

Not a smartass answer in which i have recieved every time ive asked a question,

If everybody knew exactly what to do we wouldnt need forums for Q and A’s would we,

Last time i will be using this as nobody can give a straight answer or advice. E.g. More fat, protein , carbs etc.

You received answers and feedback.

You were asked to clarify and you didn’t.

I gave you an answer and it’s not what you are looking for.

No one can tell you what will work for you. Only you can do that it a coach that will work with you.

Lots of articles here to get you started, start eating, evaluate, then ask a question. But you have to give it time.

15x bodyweight (take how much you weight in lbs and multiply by 15)

1.5x protein per lbs

20% fat

Rest in carbs

Stay away from sugar, process, crap, etc

Good luck.

Thats more of what i was looking for, im starting from scratch and was looking for some straight advice from guys like yourself who have forgot more than what i know, alls i wanted was a building block to start from.
Thanks for the second post, it helps.

@durko91 - the macro breakdown looks ok, ultimately there’s no way to tell you if it’ll help you meet your goals or not, as everyone is different, especially if you don’t have any previous data to go off of.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend using a TDEE calculator to figure out what your true maintenance is, then add 15-20% caloric surplus and start there. You want to be sure to add as much muscle as possible without excess fat, so a 15-20% surplus is usually a good place to start. Protein can be anywhere from 1g per pound to 1.5g, typically on a mass gaining phase, protein is lowered closer to 1g per pound to squeeze in more room for carbs, and fats should be anywhere from 25-30%, rest is carbs.

On a rest day, no need to be carbophobic or lower cals too much, in a mass gaining phase recovery days should be utilized as growth days. So, maybe just make sure to not have any sugary or super high GI stuff, but keep in oats, potatoes, rice, fruits, etc., and fuel your body to grow. Depending on your body type/metabolism, it might be beneficial to lower cals/carbs slightly on those days, but again it going to be a trial/error type thing.

Also, only because you haven’t mentioned the training plan you’ll be utilizing, keep in mind frequency/intensity and the type of training program will also play a huge role in your gains and if/how you pack on mass.

Be sure to post back with any more questions.

Spot on Robstein,
My workouts mainly consist of compound lifting i.e. Squats, bench press, deadlift etc just to try and build some core strength as i have not experimented with more complex lifts, im just trying to find a base to build on and help like this is really appreciated,
Im currently working out 1 day on 1 day off so i dont over do it, using one of my days off to focus on light cardio work.
Patience is my biggest flaw, but i know I’ve got to stick to it.

seeing as you received perfect answers from kd over the past 3 days, then still decided to repost the same question today, I’d say that yes, patience is not your strong suit. You also never answered my questions when I asked them. I took the time out of my day to formulate very specific questions that, if you had answered them directly, I could have given more input. You chose not to, which is fine, but don’t complain about people not being helpful when we’re doing our best, and you’re not willing to work with us. That’s a shitty attitude that will get you nowhere in this forum, in lifting, or in life.

Based on your unreasonable criticisms of the forum members here, and the groundless claim that ‘nobody wants to give you good or direct advise’ is enough for me to bow out.

Best of luck.

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May not get me far in this forum , but got me far enough in life thank you very much, your answers were absolute bollocks so don’t for a minute think you helped, its people like you why people are scared to ask questions.

So get off your high horse and go criticise somebody else’s attitude, as far as going far in life ive come far enough and you are way out of your depth giving life tips, stick to bodybuilding tips.

And i never reposted the question, and admin merged it into another forum.