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Advice on M Latest Blood Work?

Hi there guys, apologise in advance for the amount of reading Iâ??m about to post but Iâ??ve spent £1300 (2000 dollars to the US forums) on blood tests recently and I just want to get to the root cause of the following symptoms. Im a 21 year old male weighing 13.5 stone (189lb) with no obvious injuries or weird mal-nutrition issues. Eat normally just started going to the gym but have the following symptoms:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (including no morning wood in years, Severe P.E)
  • Fatigue which worsens in the afternoon
  • Depression even though I have nothing to be depressed about but have just lost the drive to do anything at all. Even making conversation is a chore due to the fatigue.
    -â??Brain fogâ?? which ties into the above.
    -Frequent urination which includes getting up 2-3 times in the night.
    -Feeling like an old man when Im only 21 and wondering what the hell Im doing posting things like this lol.

Testosterone: 19nmol (around 550ngdl) Range: 8-29 (former tests have shown 420ngdl and 450ngdl)
Free T: 15.8pgml (4-30)
Progesterone: 2.1nmol (0.7-4.3)
DHT: 2263pmol (860-3400)
Estradiol 41pmol (50-200 on wiki) lab results say 28-156pmol **LOW?
LH: 6.8 (1.7-8.6)
FSH: 4.4 (1.5-12)
Prolactin 268 mu/L (wiki range 55,89 â?? 277,365)
*Prolactin high in my opinion but on a test I had around a year ago still suffering the same problems it was a lot lower.
Cortisol: 676nmol (171-536) **HIGH

Total T3: 4.7nmol (1.3-2.7) **HIGH
FREE T3: 4.7pmol (3.1-6.8)
Total T4: 20nmol (58-161) **LOW
FREE T4: 19.9pmol (12-22)
REVERSE T3: 38.4ngdl (9-35) **HIGH?
TSH: 1.25 mu/L (0.27-4.2) (Was 0.50 on test a year ago)
Thyroid peroxidise â?? Negative
Thyroglobulin antibodies â?? 2.0IU/Ml (Normal <280, Equivocal 280-344, Positive >344). ???

Vitamin D 25-OH: 138nmol (75-200)
Zinc: 20.9 (11-24)
Selenium: 1.14 (0.89-1.65)
Magnesium: 0.9 (0.7-1)
Vitamin B12: 789pgml (191-663) **HIGH
Iron: 33umol/L (8.8-32.4) **HIGH
Ferritin: 75ug/L (28-365) **Seems low?
Total iron binding capacity: 64umol/L (45-70)
Transferrin saturation: 51.6% (20-50) *HIGH
UIBC: 31umol/L (20-62)
Folate serum: 6.3ug/ (4.6-18.7) **Seems low?

WBC: 3.2 (4-10) ** LOW
Haemoglobin: 178 (130-170) **HIGH
MCH: 35.6 (27-32) **HIGH
MCHC: 361g/L (215-345) **HIGH
Neutrophils 1.8 (2-7) **LOW
RBC: 5 (4.5-5.5).
Albumin 51g/L (35-50) **HIGH
There are a few more tests that I have never heard of but all came within range. HDL, LDL, Cholesterol, glucose etc all in range too.
Appreciate any replies in advance, thanks guys!!!

HTC hematocrit?

Thyroid: Some things seem odd. Please see the thyroid basics sticky. Note references there to body temperature [<<<>>>], iodine intake from iodized salt and/or vitamins.

Please post fasting glucose, total cholesterol and HDL

You do not have thyroid auto-immune disease

Height, waist?

In lower RH corner in post above, please correct this: Prolactin 268 mu/L (wiki range 55,89 â?? 277,365)
If at upper range, that can inhibit T levels and can indicate a prolactin secreting adinoma. Search for prolactin in the advice for new guys sticky. Should follow up with a MRI and in any case, can typically be managed with 0.5mg/week cabergoline.

E2 does seem low VS T levels. T levels are consistent with LH/FSH.

Please get body temperatures and discuss iodine intake history.

Describe body shape. Body round and thin limbs?

Frequent urination can indicate diabetes or prostatitis. At your age, BPH prostate enlargement is not an issue. Do labs looking for inflammation. CRP can detect that. Homocysteine is associated with arterial disease and you are too young for that.