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Advice on Love Handles


I have been doing sports for the last 5 years but from triatlon to weight lifting to boxing. Any advice on how to lose the love handles. They are very persistent...

i'm 193cm, 88kg and have bodyfat% of 16%


Build some muscle and lose fat all over and the love handles should go away, Not to sound offensive, but its not like everything else looks in order, and you just have these pesky love handles to deal with.


How much bodyfat one carries is far more a function of diet than it is of exercise. (As the saying goes, you can't out-train a bad diet.) So if you want to lose those love handles, you're going to have to diet. That said (and as Ecchastang alluded), you don't seem to be carrying very much muscle at the moment, so dieting hard enough to lose your love handles is likely to leave you VERY thin-looking.

The point being, if your goal is physique enhancement and not just bodyfat loss, you would be well-served by dedicating a greater percentage of your exercise time/energy to weightlifting, and less to triathlons/boxing. Best of luck reaching your goals.


What, exactly did you eat yesterday?

And my new variation:

What exercise did you do last week?


I started doing starting strength in july, but can't do squats now due to injury. I used to be a lot stronger, but weighed also about 115 kg.

my stats are (in kg, 1RM):
SQ: 80
DL: 110

So I already started lifting, but still need a lot of work. I also try to do 1 run and 1 freestyle training per week.

What i ate yesterday: oatmeal for breakfast; some sandwiches with chicken for lunch, then at 16h cottage cheese, in the evening 4 eggs with some vegetables.

I bp'd yesterday, did barbell rows and did some posterior chain work (see Squat injury). Today rest day.


lift heavier weights more often and get your diet under control

fat is all about diet


Do you still do all the other lifts?

What, specifically, is the injury? Because that's going to play a pretty big role in how you train.

You'll probably need to get stronger as a priority, but you already know that. I assume Pr is a Pendlay Row?

The training is the easy bit: pick a program you like and can do and stick to it. Try not to add much extra. Trying to do a program that features squats 3 days a week when you can't squat is probably not really training smart.

This seems very light on quality protein and fairly heavy on carbs. Particularly for someone looking to lose fat. You need to improve the quality of your carbs or eliminate them and increase your protein intake. For my tastes, I'd remove the bread from the sandwiches at lunch, and replace them with fruit or veggies and add a lean cut of meat to your evening meal, but you might find other approaches that suit your tastes and lifestyle better.


I still do all the other exercises and try to do box squats instead of low bar squats.

As for the injury: it's rectus femoris tendonitis (first on my left leg, which is now better, now on my right; posting sth on the injury forum about my lack of hipflexibility which i am working on now, and in case my weak posterior chain is the cause of the injury: been working on that too)

With Pr I meant Press :).

Well, squatting three days a week is now impossible. So as long as my form is not good, I can't follow the program. And I trained too long to just let my running and swimming fall behind :). I know, i have to chose, but if necessary I will drop the training to 30minutes each.

Thanks for the advice on my diet (and in general). I will have to look for some good replacement for my carbs.


Now that would make far more sense, I can't imagine how I missed that.

That's far from the end of the world, just pick a program you can do that isn't so squat orientated.

I'm not sure you do have to choose, you can do both, as long as you aren't taking either to extremes, plenty of guys can lift and run. Just be very careful with your nutrition, especially around your cardio.


And good luck


"I have been doing sports for the last 5 years but from triatlon to weight lifting to boxing"

I routinely meet girls that tell me that they have done kickboxing.

Sticking feathers up your butt doesn't make you a chicken.


well Jarvan, I am sorry to disappoint you but I have been doing olympic distance triathlons, about 4 per year for the last three years within a time frame of 2h15- till 2h30 depending on weather conditions.

And when I say boxing I mean training 2 years before doing my first fight, been doing about 10 amateur fights, till i broke my nose sparring against a pro

And now I set my sights on a new goal


thanks for the input! I'll watch my diet and keep up the weightlifting.


Build as much muscle as possible without getting much fatter. There are lots of resources on this site to help you figure out how to do that. Your body looks similar to mine when I started lifting (very little muscle and lots of fat on the midsection). The biggest mistake I made (repeatedly) was focusing on fat loss over muscle gain. Making the rest of your body bigger will make the love handles not look as bad, and having more muscle will make losing the fat a lot easier when you eventually do get around to it (a few years, at least). More protein, less carbs, train hard, and eat enough to get stronger.


I squat once maybe twice a week. So 3x a week is not the only way or a reason to stress if you can't.


A broken nose ended your boxing career?


In other news, a broken finger ended my cycling career



A broken nose ended your boxing career?

yes, meeting with clients with a black eye once in a while, ok. But my boss had some objections bout meeting clients with a broke nose :).



I'm not sure you do have to choose, you can do both, as long as you aren't taking either to extremes, plenty of guys can lift and run. Just be very careful with your nutrition, especially around your cardio.

Why do I need to be careful? Do you mean I have to eat enoug carbs on a cardio day?


Could you pin point me to a good article? It's difficult to find the information, I am lost in all articles and forumtopics . I guess I need about 1gr protein /bodyweight (lbs), which is about 800kcal. How do I go from there?