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Advice on lifting and proper dieting

Wassup guys. I’m 6’, 190 pounds. I play football for my high school, and next year’s my last season. I’ve been lifting for a couple year’s now and have solid training and experience. My strength has gone up a lot, but my mass doesn’t seem to be rising with it. I need a total body workout and diet to lose fat and gain muscle. My schedule with school allows for only one afternoon or evening workout on weekdays, and morning and evening workouts on weekends. The league doesnt allow creatine or steroids, so I’m really limited to whey protein supplements and the like. Thanks a lot guys.

Im not suggesting you run out and but creatine, but there is no way that they can check to see if you are taking it, short of finding you with it…

See that previous issues button over there? Go to it and start reading. Start with ‘Foods that make you look good naked’, ‘the top nine functional strength exercises’, “massive eating”" or maybe ‘German Volume Training 2000’. Lift hard and eat for mass. Pretty simple.