Advice on Latest Bloodwork?

Latest numbers back.

Estradiol 15pg/ml Range 10-40 pg/ml
SHBG 15 nmol/ml Range 10-57 nmol/ml
Total Test 846 ng/ml Range 249-836 ng/ml
Free Test 250 pg/ml Range 32-168 pg/ml

TRT with low dose Deca SubQ


100mg Test C
25mg Deca
.5 mg Arimidex

My E2 and SHBG look good and so does the Free Test. Question is I seem to have plateaued gains wise. I feel good. Recover seems to be good. No issues really other than I think I’d like to peak a little higher. Total T looks a bit low but that doesn’t matter. Right or wrong?!? I’m wondering if I would have better results switching to ED Test C 25mg and keeping Deca E3D? Uncharted territory for me as I’ve been cruising comfortably all this time… I’ve done an occasional blast. Dabbled with Proviron and Anadrol. Not looking to blast super hard. Maybe just boost a little. Any advice is welcome :pray:

There will be a plateau, some guys set a world record and never improve on that.

Regarding your TRT program, I’d discontinue Arimidex.

Regarding nandrolone, I would not stay on it indefinitely.

As for the underground anabolics, while I get it, that’s totally your call.

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Estrogen is anabolic, helps with muscle growth. While in range yours looks low

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Agreed on the Ai @highpull! I try to evaluate how I feel and adjust accordingly. I finally got my doc to quit compounding it in my test so I’m using pills now. I had been at .25 2x per week I felt like I needed a little more. Tough to judge. I do think it’s (my E2) is a little low. About the Deca I hear mixed opinions… I use it for joint soreness. I’m 8 weeks currently and will be cycling off next week. Some say it’s ok (low dose year round) you were clear in your opinion. What is the reasoning?

I agree! Trying to keep it around 25-30. It fluctuates so frequently it’s hard to pin!

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How high does it get without any AI? Do you notice any symptoms? Your SHBG is low, wondering if e2 is more impactful because of that

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Same! I was surprised my SHBG was so low… previous to the blood test I assumed it was high! Doc doesn’t test SHBG, I paid for an independent lab suspecting something was up. So with my E2 not 100% sure… testing isn’t cheap so I’ve been going with “feel”. Not great I know, but trying to dial it in. Last blood previous to this it was 31 with .25mg E3D on injection days. That seemed perfect but I was feeling like E2 was high… libido ok but erection quality a little weak. Bumped to .5 on the Ai. Seemed to help. Felt good/stabilized so I wanted to see the blood.

I think that is fine. Long term use leads to dyslipidemia, particularly increased total cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol. If you are using it, have your doctor keep an eye on lipids.

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Roger that! We are on top of the lipids. Careful with my diet as especially and I’m a cardio monster! Even so you are correct. Blood donations every 8 weeks as hematocrit has been an issue even with subQ

You could do blood donations every five weeks and it wouldn’t solve the problem. Add half a grapefruit a day if you’re worried about HCT. Draining your blood is a temporary solution. How high is it anyway?

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48 currently. It seems to peak around 6 weeks… which is where I’m at now. 2 weeks until draw

Lol 48. I think mine was 46 when I started TRT. Who’s got you all worked up about a number that would be considered low for 90% of the people who live in Denver?

Good to know! The Doc man… when I get close to 50 he’s urging me you fill a bag! How high can you run?

This is one school of thought:

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Very solid point of view! Thank you! I’ve just got it in my head that it’s bad! This guy is on point… zero issues with my WBC… hummm :thinking:

I’m at 59 and neither my doctor nor his NP have any concerns. Now it the cause was not known they’d be very concerned.

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Makes sense. Are you stable at 59 or does it continually go up month after month? I have a friend that is also on TRT… NEVER donates. He thinks I’m nuts. Beginning to wonder myself. I mean I feel like I do get headaches and blurred vision if I go too long?!? Could be psychosomatic :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s been a steady upward trend for years. I’ve dropped the dose and upped the frequency in an effort to lower it and that seems to help a bit. I’ll probably take a long break here just to get it back down, but I’m still planning that whole thing. Donating is fine, but depending on your body it may only keep the numbers at bay for a few weeks, max.


Is 100% grapefruit juice just as beneficial?

Oh this is good to hear. Only way that I could Hct back in range was spending significant portion of weekly PK profile in bottom half of range.

Your plasma viscosity must be amazing.