Advice on Labs

Hello All,

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

I’m fairly new to TRT. I’ve had a 200mg shot every other week for the last eight weeks. I have been trying like crazy to get a prescription to self administer or at least get on a weekly shot cycle with my Urologist. No luck so far but It is looking promising for the prescription.

Been watching my diet under 60 carbs and 1,600 calories per day. Lots of protein and veggies. I’m also working out three times per week.

I really am feeling better but dealing with the very real sharks tooth schedule of high’s and low’s. Days 10-14 are crap. Though overall it is still a big improvement in my quality of life.

My energy level is up considerably, lost about 22 pounds and my entire body composition is changing rapidly. Sleep has been great and little to no body aches or pain. My mood has also improved except for an uncharacteristic occasional anger outburst, usually first thing in the morning.

Really, what I’m after is opinions from the experienced on my lab numbers. Hoping to head off any delays and hard lessons up front if possible.

My only current medications are 60mg of Armour every morning, pro-air inhaler and the Cyp.

I do have Hypothyroidism. They discovered it a year ago during a routine physical. My TSH was 6.55 (.45-4.5) but has come down some since.

At my last physical, last August I asked my Doctor to check Thyroid Antibodies and Test. Test came back low at 234 (348-1197)so he refereed me to my current Urologist. Sorry but it is a bit of a random assortment of tests and missing most. My primary doctor only uses tsh for thyroid and my Urologist has not done any free t. I just had more labs done and will get the results this Tuesday.

36 years old
Fairly Active
220 Pounds

Lh- 7.0 (1.7-8.6)
Fsh- 7.2 (1.5-12.4)
Prostate Specific Ag Serum 0.5 (0.0-4.0)

Test,serum 234 (348-1197)
Estrodiol 5.1 (7.6-42.6)
Prolactin 11.2 (4.0-15.2)
TSH 2.63 (.45-4.5)

WBC 6.8 (3.4-10.8)
RBC 4.72(4.14-5.80)
Hemoglobin 15.4(12.6-17.7)
Hematocrit 46.8(37.5-51.0)
MCV 99 (79-97)
MCH 32.6 (26.6-33.0)
MCHC 32.9 (31.5-35.7)
RDW 13.9 (12.3-15.4)
Platelets 221 (155-379)

Thank you for your help.

Your MCV indicates that you have a B12 and/or folic acid deficiency. I highly recommend you start doing some IM shots.

I’ll look into it right away. Looked it up and it looks pretty nasty if untreated.

1600 calories at 220lbs isn’t a great idea imo
Anyways obviously you know every 2 weeks is not a modern TRT protocol.

You need to take studies to your doctor and show him the half life of Testosterone Cypionate and also one on HCG.
If he refuses to give you at least 1x week injections, tell him you’re going to find a new physician.

Look for another Doc in the meantime using the method in the stickies.

Great news at the Doc’s office today. They gave me a prescription for .5 ml of Depo-test 200 per week for 12 weeks.

I’m thinking e3d. Anything I should know about changing the timing. I had .5 today so do I just do .25 next Monday and then .25 that Friday?

They only tested total test and it was 655ng one week after a 200mg shot. Does it sound like the prescription will keep me at a decent level to you all?

Hey Jammie133. I really appreciate your advice on the B12. After investigating I believe I have been deficient for some time now. I actually developed the ridges in all of my finger nails at age 15. Thank you for your help!