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Advice on Knee Injury

Hey guys,

Almost 2 months ago I was in a motorcycle accident where I hit my knee which required me to get stitches and caused a lot of swelling. I had pain and swelling in my knee but doctors told me that there was no serious injury and that my knee should return to normal function after the swelling reduced.

I am now at the point where the swelling is reduced and I have full mobility so I went to the gym a few times and did a few basic exercises (bodyweight squats, leg extensions, light hamstring curls and glute briges). I experience pain in my knee in the bottom position of the squat and while doing the leg extensions despite always having very healthy knees.

How would you go about rehabbing this to build back up to squatting and deadlifting heavy weights?

Thanks in advance!

Since this was caused by direct trauma, I recommend that you see a physical therapist.