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Advice on Indigo Project Training

Hi Christian,

I am returning after a layoff due a to minor hip surgery (4 months), and looking to get back into the scheme of things.

I was looking at the Indigo Project program but had some questions which i needed clarifications about

  1. The program has got Three phases - 1, 2 and 3. Each phase has four sub -phases of Strength, Performance, hypertrophy, and fat loss hypertrophy…

Do i complete all the four sub phases in a phase1, before moving onto to Phase2,

  1. Or do i do each sub phase first, for example, 3 strength sub phases from each Phase, before moving onto Hypertrophy sub phases??

Any help would be appreciated.

Pick one goal and stick with it for the 3 phases. Its an incredibly brutal workout. Not for a beginner and not for someone on a caloric deficit.

Skip all the extra pages about extra workouts. You will not need them.

Preferably I would do 2 weeks or so of just doing the high frequency lifts just to see what you can handle. I had to use a lighter weight than whats recommend in the workouts. First couple of times I over did it and fried myself in 2 weeks.


started off today with strength Day…started of not too heavy so w=ent through fine…

Week 1 on Strength Phase was Completed. Felt good. Weights were not too heavy

Before Surgery in December , mny 1RM squat was 135kg and Deadlift was 145kg

But i Started this phase with 90kgs and deadlift with 100kgs.

Still have three more weeks to completed.

HAd one question.

After the four weeks on the Strength Phase, when its time for the next, Performance phase, what weight should i start off my squats with?..

Example if i finish of my strength Phase week 4 of 3X3 with 105kg’s??..whats the starting weight for the performance phase week 1?/??


You pic ONE program (strength is a program, performance in a program, hypertrophy is a program) and you do all the phases of that program.

For example you do Phase 1 strength, Phase 2 strength, Phase 3 strength

It is NOT Strength then Performance then Hypertrophy then Fat loss

Thanks for the quick reply.

So of its all three Strength phases back to back—what should be the starting weight for Phase 2 Stength??..if i i finish Phase Strength Week 4 3X3 with 105kg???

and the progresison??

is it meant to be Wk 1 weight + 10lbs for Week 2

Wk 2+ 10lbs for week 3?

Wk3 + 20lbs for Week 4??

Or do we take Week1 as the base for all four weeks

Started Week 3 Phase 1

Squats 100kg

Bench: 75kg

Deadlifts: 115kg

Feeling good apart from the 5 sets of each:smiley:

Week 1 is the base… the high frequency strength section should not be all out

.Thanks…Very much appreciated your response

I guess one final question I have is what if I miss a few days some weeks…

Like this week I won’t be able to do the overhead and deadlight pattern days.

How do I go.about that

And when starting strength phase 2 what weights should I start off with regards to the weights used in precvious phase

Next week do the workouts you missed instead of going to the next week. This means that week 4 will not be a deload on those 2 movements

Made some good progress before had a forced 3 week layofff and numbers have gone down

Before the layoffbi finished week 3 of the Strength phase 2 with 5x3 at 110kg and week 4 at 3x2 at 115kg in squats

This isy second week after the ayoff and I struggle for 1 rep at 110kg

How can I get back to the levels before I start the phase 3

When you miss 3 weeks of training you need to go back 3 weeks in programming. So this means starting over the strength phase 2