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Advice on How to Continue


Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster here. I've reached a point in my training where I'm kinda confused on how to work towards my goals and need some advice. I started training about 8 months ago, hadnt set foot in a gym before that.

First month I did an upper/lower body split + twice a week bodyweight stuff, after that I switched to some crappy 3day split (sue me for believing in what bb magazines have to say). Then all summer I did bodyweight training, mostly everything that can be done on bars, spent all september training with a PT friend who taught me how to squat properly, and since then I've been doing SL5x5. It hasnt got me much results though, and I dont really enjoy it so I want to switch to something else. I only fixed my nutrition about 3 weeks ago so I guess thats probably why SS didnt affect me as much as it did other people. I also got stuck around 190 on the squat and after deloading by 10% twice I still couldnt rep it for 5x5. suppose I could blame my nutrition for that though

My stats when I started training were really bad - I was about 6ft 125, couldnt do a single pullup or dip. Not much better now though - I'm currently sitting at 140lb,I can do about 15 chins and 20 dips with good form, squat 225, dead 275, bench about 160, press 115 and row 190. My longtime goals are to get to around 170lb with low bf (im an ecto and never sever seem to gain any fat no matter what and how much I eat) and work on strength gains while maintaining that weight. I'll also be starting muaythai training in feb so I'll be doing a lot of core (my core is really weak stability wise, maybe not as much strength wise) and mobility work.

So in short, after these 8 months of on and off training how would you guys advise me to work toward my goals? What routine should I follow? Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall'o'text


You can blame your nutrition. Posting a typical day would help us is assessing that.

6' and 170lbs is just above toothpick. Aspire to be more. You haven't gained any fat, because you are not eating.

For program, I would recommend that you cement your goal. "To get around" is not a goal. It's a wishy washy statement at best. Are you serious about muaythai? or is it something you are going to "try" (like your work outs, change often????).

Also, "work on strength while maintaining the weight" is a sign of someone that has actually not been reading the articles.

So, post what you ate yesterday (there you go Chris), cement your goals and you age to help us help you.


I mentioned getting to 170lb and maintaining because it is my goal (humble or not, its enough for me really) to be in that weight class. I'm serious about MT training and that division is best around here.

Regarding my nutrition - I've been doing a dirty bulk routine for the last 2 weeks on 3500cal/day and gained a bit over a pound, no fat. A sample day would look like this - oats + protein source for breakfast (meat,eggs), brown rice+grilled chicken & veggies snack, during lunchtime I'm at school so this is where I get most of my fat intake through nuts (around 3pm and 6 pm coupled with a protein source), then at home I have a big fat bowl of mashed potatoes, veggies and grilled chicken, and before bed some healthy fats and a slow digesting protein like cottage cheese.

All that in respective quantities to reach around 3500 cals. I also take a multivit, and digestive enzymes to help with all the food. So I think my nutrition is decent now, just need a good routine to follow.

I'm also 18 years old, forgot to mention that.


This is not a dirty bulk.
You want to see some tales of gluttony, go over to the damage thread in the nutrition section.

To help with all the food?
You will be lucky to make it to 170 with that attitude let alone maintain it.


I hate to do this twice in a row, but Westside for Skinny Bastards would be good for you. Look it up.

And yeah, you are not dirty bulking. That's just eating and not much at that for an 18 year old.

Also, there is a Combat section. Check it out.