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Advice on Holiday and PCT Timing?

Hi guys,

Will be fast and clear… I’m about to start a Test E - Bold U cycle, and then finish it just before a 15 days journey to the US (I’m from europe).
The cycle will be Test E 600/w + Bold U 600/w, finish with Epistane 40/ed for 5-6 weeks.
Pct Nolva 40 40 20 20 Clomid 100 50 50 50

I have two choices:

Number one (16 weeks cycle, but stop oral Epi on week 14 )

w1-w14 Test E
w1-w13 Bold U
w10-w14 Epi
w15-w16 holiday
w17-w20 pct

Number two (15 weeks cycle but start pct on holiday)

w1-w13 Test E
w1-w12 Bold U
w10-w15 Epi
w16-w17 holiday
w17-w20 pct

During holidays will have very little time for training (maybe 2/w) and nutrition will be mich more accurate than I can but, hey, will be on holiday…

So: better let the cycle finish on holiday (but skip the last 2 weeks of Epi - can’t carry it with me on plane… ), or finish it the right way but start pct on non-ideal conditions (serious training and more than good diet)?

I appreciate your suggestions… tnx guys