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Advice on FSL or BBB

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I’ve tried looking for an answer to my question on here but had no luck so I hope someone can advise me.

I’ve made great progress with my deadlift (or so I thought), adding 30kg from November 2016. Unfortunately after sending a friend a video of one of my PR’s, he pointed out something I was in denial about… my lower back rounding. I think he was trying to not discourage me as he told me “maxes are not suppose to be pretty” but I went back to some of my older videos and saw that it doesn’t matter what percentage I pull… my form looks the same. After taking weight off the bar, reading Starting Strength watching Mark Rippetoe’s deadlift videos I am now 2 weeks into pulling efficiently. I’m ready for 5/3/1 again which has given me great gains in the press, bench and squat (for which my form is decent).

So here is my question; I’d like to try and Deadlift 2x a week so I can continue to ingrain proper technique whilst running 5/3/1. Doing the opposite lift (531 sq BBB dead) would allow me to Deadlift 2x per week, however I’ve been running FSL template (with success) and wondered if I can do the same setup as BBB instead of BBB.

I’d really appreciate any feedback. Thanks alot.

Not sure what you meant with this part here, but deads 2x week @ BBB sounds like too much, deads on themselves are heavy for recovery, BBB is heavy for recovery, pair them up means you’d have to dial back the other lifts accordingly.
I guess you could do deads 5x5 FSL on squat day as supplemental (using the % of the first working set of deadlifts for that week) and it would be easier to manage.
But I wouldn’t do it for more than a few cycles.
Also, if you want to focus more on form, 10x5 (BBS)@FSL on deadlift day might be better than 5x10


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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant doing 531 Deadlift one day and BBB Deadlift after Squats. Not 531 Deads 2x a week. My question was can I do 531 Deadlift w/FSL Squat and 531 Squat w/FSL Deadlift. My logic (or there lack of) was having another day to hammer correct Deadlift technique and get use to the motor pattern. However I got it in my head that maybe BBB would be too much right now as I’m relearning the movement and so I thought FSL would be a more appropriate precentage, set and rep scheme to focuse on technique after Squats.

Thanks for taking the time!

Appreciate the response, thanks.