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Advice on Freezing Sperm Prior to Starting TRT (Currently on Cycle)


New to this forum. A little about myself. I’m 25 yo. 180lbs, 11% bf, 5’9. I’ve done 3 cycles. All test only with relatively low dosage (500-600).

I recently started my 4th cycle (week 4). 500 test and 250 deca. And I’ve decided to stay on. But I’d like to freeze some sperm in case I change my mind about having kids down the road.

I wasn’t planning on staying on prior to this week so I wasn’t administrating any HCG as I usually blast that post cycle. But I know it’s better to administer 250 IU’s EOD while on trt. So my question is… should I start doing 250iu EOD for a month and try getting my semen tested or should I finish this cycle, come off completely and then try to freeze the sperm a few months post cycle ?

I’m not sure how successful I’m going to be at getting my sperm count and sperm health up on cycle.

Also I remember somebody suggesting doing 250iu of HCG EOD for 3 weeks, taking 2 days off and then doing a week of nolvadex. Has anyone heard of that?

Would love to get @KSman 's opinion


I have no experience with HCG so hopefully others will pop in. That being said, if it was me I’d start it now to get things going. I personally froze sperm before my first TRT attempt. Have you ever had a semen analysis done before?

I’m not sure KSMan is around the boards anymore btw.

Yeah it doesn’t seem like he’s been active for a while :frowning:

I started HCG at 250iu EOD - I had my second shot today.

I haven’t had a semen analysis. I mentioned it to my doctor today and he said I could just go into the lab and get it done but I called to book an appointment and they said I need paperwork from my doctor. So I’m thinking to call the sperm bank and see if they do it and how much they charge so I can skip the whole process of going through my doctor.