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Advice on First T Cycle?

Whats up! This is my first post here, a mate of mine named Jack told me this was the place to be to get help with my first cycle. I got my bloodwork back minus LH + FSH (forgot to check the box for these). First question: Do you guys feel it’s absolutely necessary to have both these metrics before I start my first test cycle?

Second question: Apparently my LDL is quite high, do I need to get these down before I start the cycle or do you think its probably alright to just work on this during cycle?

My plan: 12 Week Testosterone Cycle (500mg / week - 250mg Tues, 250mg Thurs)
PCT plan: Start 2 weeks after last test injection - Nolvadex (20mg per day for 48 days then taper off prob 10mg EOD for two weeks and then off to get new bloodwork done)

Any objections or suggestions to this proposed plan above? I’ve already got the test and nolva (60 tabs at 20mg each).

The doctor said my test was low (part of the reason why I want to do this cycle) beyond that I want to put on some major muscle, build strength and lower my body fat pct. I’m committed to slamming the weights hard (recording my sessions, going heavy and moving up in small increments each session), cardio (tabata/hiit / hill climbing) and maintaining a clean diet (low carbs, grass fed beef, kale + broccoli, whey shakes etc)

Here’s my most recent health report (the machine is fairly accurate but some of the metrics are probably off by a bit)

Here’s the blood work I got:

Any and all help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated. I’ve read a lot of the test info and have learned a lot about SERMs and how the body produces test in general. I don’t want to fuck up the test levels I’ve got now but I could really use a boost in the gym to help me put on some more muscle and burn off more of this stomach fat. I’ve gone from 40pct body fat a year and a half ago to 27pct just recently. A complete transformation but I’m committed to going even further.

Thanks so much for your help!

I’m gonna tell you something you probably don’t want to hea but need to.

Your testosterone is still low because your body fat is high. I’m not against people starting a cycle at 20% some people will tell you wait til your 15%. But 27% is way to high IMO bro your gonna run into some unpleasant side effects I’d imagine blasting test right now.

So this is the good news your on a steady diet and you have been training it seems so your headed in the right direction. By this December if you stay motivated continue eating healthy and weight training you cna get to 20% or lower and you will appreciate a test cycle 1000x more.

I’d also get labs tested every couple months if that test # doesn’t get any better I’d recommend seeing an endo and going over trt as an option. I would recommend going to one now but chnaces are even he will want you to lose some more weight first.

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Good job, man. That’s not easy. I know because I was in the mid-30’s during my worst time and it’s such a daunting task to try to change everything. So congratulations on getting this far. But you have further to go. Starting a cycle at 27% bf is going to be a lot worse than if you keep cutting down more.

So here’s my advice: set this cycle aside, spend the next three months training hard, dieting like you’ve never dieted before, then check your bf again. If you’re down to 20-21% then give yourself permission to start a cycle. But I bet you won’t want to. I bet if you can prove to yourself that in a mere 90 days you can get even leaner you’ll want to put the cycle off for another 90 days, just to see if you can get to 18% on your own. Set some goals and make the cycle your reward rather than your path to those goals. It’ll do you a world of good mentally and spiritually. Then when you take that plunge you’ll be so dialed in and ready that you’ll feel like you are ready.

Alright man. It might not be what I want to hear but its a point I need to consider deeply. The diet is the hardest part but I know its the only thing that will get me to that 20% bf metric.

You may be right and it may be the high bf % suppressing my T levels, I won’t know until I get there. Thanks for the feedback.

It has been a real battle trying to get things put back together! I’ve been at it steady for more than a year but in all honesty I’m nowhere near where I want to be or where I thought I would be by now. I think this seems like a solid plan to keep the motivation on and really push myself to the next level of performance. Thanks a lot for your advice.

Going to explain why cycling, or even TRT is a bad idea in you’re state

Firstly obesity, obesity comes hand in hand with an excess of adipose tissue (subq and visceral fat), adipocytes is recognized in the medical community as an endocrine organ, producing many important and floopdoopily hormones such as estradiol, Leptin etc. The excess amount of aromatase you have may give you some issues during cycle (or even TRT) involving water retention, high blood pressure and growth of mammary tissue (gynocomastia), “I’ll just take an aromatase inhibitor” you say… Wrong, estrogen is vital for cholesterol and glucose management, obesity is already directly correlated towards insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes (reasons being firstly, systematic overeating frequently floods the body with excess glucose, fructose etc. Thus the body gets used to massive amounts of insulin being produced and thus downregulates it’s response to said hormone, other mechanisms regarding slin resistance and obesity potentially exist, but are not particularly well understood such as increased fatty (used in place of energy instead of glucose) acid release from apidiocytes, systematic inflammation via proinflammatory cytokine release from apidiocytes etc.) An aromatase inhibitor will likely have an adverse affect on you’re glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity

Leptin increases insulin sensitivity, decreases hunger among a host of other yeetflorpily (yaaaaaayyyy) although the chronically elevated Leptin from excess visceral fat creates… Leptin resistance (noooooooo)

The excess aromatase from excess visceral and subq fat, systematic inflammation from high levels proinflammatory cytokine release etc will disrupt HTPA function (more the second factor I believe) thus causing hypogonadism. Not to mention the lack of various vitamins, nutrients and overeating of foods containing various synthetic chemicals, phytoestrogens etc associated with the diet of a very overweight individual causing compensated hypogonadism.

Muscle mass (accruation in) is not just dictated by concentrations of androgen, GH, IGF-1, diet, lifestyle, insulin sensitivity, inflammation, AR density and more play a huge role. Insulin resistance, shitty diet, high levels of systematic inflammation will severely limit the benefits you’ll get on cycle

As a matter of fact, the systematic inflammation, insulin resistance, HBP etc from obesity all contribute to cardiovascular disease, AAS does too (growth of cardiac myocytes as cardiomyocytes contain AR and various other mechanisms), not a good combo at all

You’re lipids (LDL specifically) is terrible, I thought mine was fucked at 130… Obesity (diet associated and likely various direct mechanisms) is associated with dyslipidemia, AAS exacerbate this as would AI’s that’s you’d potentially require on cycle

For the sake of you’re longevity, please hold off on a cycle. For TRT fix you’re compounding factors to what I assume is very likely reversible and acquired secondary hypogonadism, if you still have the problem with a healthy/ even semi okay lifestyle and decent (say 15-20% BF) then at least you’ll be primed for TRT/ cycling and be able to reap all benefits they have to offer.



Well this is disappointing but better to really know what I’m doing before I begin. This was a very good explanation of the dangers associated with T and why it makes a lot of sense to really get the keto diet in full force, carve back the BF% and try to get my LDL under control naturally before I go for a cycle. Haven’t heard anyone chime in that my BF% / chol levels are acceptable for a go at it so the advice I’ve received from guys on this forum looks spot on. Thanks for the time and effort laying these factors out for me.

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