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Advice on First Cycle

Hi guys, so this is my first post but iv been lurking and reading threads from here for ages. So im considering doing my first cycle i am 25 iv been lifting since i was 19/20 before then i was competing in novice boxing won a state title, anyway! I think im ready to do a cycle but i wanna keep it as basic as possible so i can gauge how my body/mind will react to it.

So with my research iv decided to go with this cycle test cyp for 12 weeks 500mg per week dosed 250mg monday and 250mg thursday along with this im thinking of dosing dbol for the first 6 weeks at 25mg everyday then two weeks clearout and then starting ptc with nolvadex for 3 weeks 40mg everyday for first 2 then 3rd week 20 mg daily.

My questions are, would it be a decent first cycle without dbol and is just nolvadex ok for ptc also if i start getting gyno can i start taking nolvadex half way through cycle. So thats it can you guys please drop some knowledge bombs. Cheers

Yes it will still be a decent cycle without dbol considering eating and training is in order.

Nolva is fine for pct… You may want to consider hcg DURING cycle as well.

Yes you can take nolva for gyno during cycle, but you can do your best at preventing it from happening by taking an ai. I’m assuming you know what that is since you say you’ve been lurking for a while, why no mention of it?

I would run your pct a bit longer, certainly wont hurt.

Yeah i know what ai is but was hoping to get away without using it and i was under the impression that nolva pritty much does the same thing as arimidex just in a differant way. Yes? No?

I didnt need my AI until I started using HCG. Its always good to have it on hand and never need it, than to need it and not have it.

Nolva is a serm, adex is an ai. Do some more research on the two. Its not really optimal to take nolva in the place of an ai

Cool i think ill learn more about ai’s and ptc before i start i think iv got a good grasp of knowledge on the cycle just need to learn more about ptc and ai’s. Cheers for the help

No problem and good decision.