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Advice on First Cycle


400mg a week boldenone
50-100 mg a week test enanthate
pct nolva and clomid -not sure when and dosages yet.

i got 100 pills of nolva 10mg and about 10 50mg clomid pills
could you guys tell me when and how to take those??
and i want not only in the end of the cycle but from mid

the reason for low test dosages is im only using it to replace the normal production produced by the body cos the boldenone will suppress it...

i know its mild but keep in mind its first ever (been training 14 years since 16y) 17% 180 pounds (been heavier when younger more than 200 same bf)

and im afriand of sides, already got mpb in the making and emotionally unstable. so ,,,
even some gains with the boldenone will be acceptable

QUESTION is will 50mg of enanthe replace natural production? since average man makes around 7mg a day , and since im training im probably around 9 mm times 7 = 63mg
on other forums after they finished slaying me for planning a shit cycle,
somone said that cos test is realesed in pulses il have zero test at some times with 50mg a week & boldenone suppresion is this correct ?

has anybody did a boldenone cycle solo here that i can talk to ?


I did a 16 week cycle with EQ 600mg/week only. I got some good endurance and lean gains from it and didnt have any sides or low libido problems.

I've just started another cycle and am using Test and EQ in this one. If I was going to do it again I would probably add at least 250mg of Test each week.

For your pct you will need more than those 10 clomid pills. My pct for the cycle Im on now will look like this:

Nolva 20/20/20/10/10
Clomid 100/100/100/50/50


PCT is complete overkill

4-5 weeks of nolvadex is sufficient. At the standard dose of course