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Advice on First Cycle


Heres the deal. Im 6,2 192LBS starting first cycle...

I've got hold of :
10ml of test C 200mg/ml
10ml of test C 200mg/ml
100 tabs of Methanoplex at 10mg per tab

45 tabs of clomiplex at 50mg per tab
20 tabs of proviron at 25mg per tab

100 3ml 25G pins with Luer-Lok tips

I can either do 400mg per week for 10 weeks, or I can do 200mg every 3 days for 8 weeks.
stack it with the Methanoplex for some extra bulking for the first 4 weeks at 20mgs per day.

was thinking of using the proviron during the week between the cycle and the pct. and using the Clomiplex for the PCT, at the standard 200mgs/day for first week, 100 mgs/day second week, 50 mgs/day third week, and 25mgs/day for the last week.

If i start to get signs of gyno, should i use the proviron or the clomiplex?
Feel free to comment or suggest a cycle, also feel free to comment on the pics, if you think something doesnt look right.

PS: I wanna run this cycle during the summer while I can keep up the diet with 6+ meals a day...


maybe you want to post this in one of the steroid forums, i dont think the beginner forum is the right place. Post in the steroid forum with all your details and they’ll help you as much as they can.