Advice on First Cycle at Age 48 while on HRT

would greatly appreciate some experienced feedback please before I make a decision. Been on Rx Test C for 7 yrs .last lab numbers were 1100 which Dr said 1200 was max.,On HCG and anastrazole .05 3x a week as well…I want to meet protocol with my bloodwork every 6 months and don’t want to lose my Dr…Had an experienced aquaintance age 42 that suggested trying 4-6 weeks of Tren A. 100mg every other day?He also suggested to put it in the forum to get some more feedback ? I don’t want to get crazy with it but want to be cautious .also a bit scared of side effects? He said i could get off it whenever i wanted without worrying about PCT? any help would be appreciated … Thanks

I’ve been on trt also for a while also and I blast and cruise. Nothing crazy though. I keep my dosages low compared to others, like 300 test, 300 masteron. I blast for 16-20 weeks and then drop back to my trt dose before my labs. Why not just use more test? Personally I think tren is a little strong to start out with but that’s just my opinion. If your body fat is at 10% or lower masteron is a nice addition.

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Good advice here. I’ve done lots of blasts including tren. My wife hates tren and the side effects are hard but I loved the way it made me feel. Masterson is good, so is NPP

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Thanks for the input guys … I’m open minded to anything at this early point. Think I’m gonna stay away from the tren for 1st cycle. Although I’d love the gains from it I don’t think I’m up for the side effects that I’ve been seeing ( difficulty breathing, night sweats not sleeping, panic attacks ? ) any suggestions on dosage on the npp? Side effects? My body fat is not below 10% so is mast out ? Currently on 100mgs of test c twice a week . 200mgs total a week

I tried npp once and I loved the quick gains it gave me but I also caught a case of soft peter so I dropped it quickly. Scared the shit out of me. I was back to being master of my domain fairly quick though. Maybe I just panicked. Masteron would be a waist (it cost more than test)if your body fat is not low. Personally I would just add more test.

The npp is great for joints. It’s essentially deca and promotes collagen synthesis.

Why not just run about 600 mg of test a week? Don’t forget the Adex

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hey there
Yes decent advice here. my first thought will be as well to up the test to 500-600 a week and take Nolvadex(10mg a day) and Hcg with it for about 12 weeks and then be going back to TRT dosages if you want to experiment with a new compound then my best option will be Primobolan since you lean it should have great effects on you and mild sides if at all, you can add Anavar at 60-80mg a day for 6-8 weeks, or even dbol if you don’t mind some water retention and your goal is to add muscle. masteron is also nice if you are in a good shape but helps more to look harder… not the best in adding muscle. all depends on your goal. you can’t go wrong with Primobolan… it’s just pricy. hope that helps

Thank you. What would a recommended dosage of the primebolan be ?? And what if any sides would I expect?

Getting ready to run test e 250 mgs twice a week … total 500 week . Continue my hcg at .4 mls a week . Currently on .5 mgs adex 3x week … question being will that dose of adex be sufficient going from 200- 500 mgs a week ? Thanks …am I missing anything?

That’s my current dose for the exactly same TRT regiment. When I blast I find that I only need to add and extra .5mg a week to the existing protocol. But everyone is different so monitor how you feel and look out for signs of e2 getting out of whack.

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As you know, the rule of thumb is 1 mg of adex for every 100 mg of test/week. I run about 500 mg test/week and take 2 mg adex/week. Anything more than that and i crash my E2

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Thanks for the help Studhammer . One last question… how much time should I allow myself coming off the 500mgs /wk to my trt cruise of 200/wk to get my test numbers back within normal range to be compliant with blood work with my doctor?

I’m not sure, but at least a couple of weeks to a month. The half life of Test is approx 7 days but if it were me, I’d have a couple of weeks at my TRT levels before I got tested.

You can always do a personal test on your own to see where your levels are before going to a doc.