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Advice on First Cycle? (17)

I need some advice on what to run for a first cycle. I’m looking to gain some good mass with as little water retention and fat gain as possible. I’ve considered running tren, but everyone’s advice so far is that it’s a horrible idea. I’ve heard that Test E is supposedly a good place to start, I’d most likely run 500mg/week. This is my first cycle and I’d obviously be sure I follow a good PCT

Hope this is a troll post…

Don’t use steroids at 17, literally no reason to do so except in the most extremely unlikely fringe cases (professional athlete or seriously and realistically on the cusp of being one, or you have actual primary or secondary hypogonadism). Sure you don’t want to hear this and have probably seen/heard it before if you researched at all, just eat, sleep and train properly and you’ll get the gains you want if you are consistent. You are no where near finished growing and developing physically and about to have the highest natural levels of your life. Taking a cycle now is completely counter productive, testosterone and AAS aren’t going anywhere, they’ll still be here in a decade when you actually might need them to make progress, if you even care about this anymore. Just enjoy being young and learn to train and learn what your body responds to naturally, I’m ignoring the fact that you didn’t mention history or stats, because frankly it’s irrelevant, you should not be using AAS at this point in your life.

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Here’s how I know you’re not ready to run a cycle (aside from your age, obviously): you asked what to use that wouldn’t cause a lot of fat gain. Steroids do not cause you to gain fat. They cannot, do not, will not. Period. Fat gain is determined by food, not what kind of steroids someone uses. You don’t know enough to even ask a semi-competent question let alone run a cycle. Forget about touching anything for about seven years and go eat/train/sleep/live properly. You’ll be surprised how far you can get with that.

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When you gon get bored of replying to 17 YO first cycle posts?


Running Tren on a first cycle IS a terrible idea, running tren for some people in general is also a bad idea. I would advise against going through with this, but I’m not your dad, you do you. I will however lay out the facts, so you know what you may be getting yourself into (these facts are assuming you aren’t on testosterone replacement therapy already). Whenever you take an anabolic steroid in doses greater than the number of hormones your body naturally produces, a negative feedback loop is sent to the anterior pituitary. This in turn signals your pituitary gland to stop producing luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). LH and FSH are the hormones that stimulate the Leydig cells of the testicles to secrete testosterone and produce sperm. When there is a suppression or shut down of LH and FSH, the Leydig cells of the testis stop producing natural testosterone and spermatogenesis (sperm production) is halted, causing temporary infertility. HCG can be used on cycle to keep the user fertile as it mimic’s LH, however you will still be shut down as it MIMICKS LH, meaning when you come off your body still won’t be producing LH or FSH. That is what PCT is for, to get LH and FSH started up again. When you come off your test/tren/whatever you want to run, no matter what PCT you use, your body will be in a low testosterone state for a prolonged period. That may not sound so bad, but trust me, having low T is really, really shit. I am 17, I’ve never used anabolic steroids, however I am on trt which has still been unable to get my levels past 400ng/dl (fucking Australia), so I’m going to paint a picture of what low T is like for a 17-year-old boy.

  • Inability to get an erection
  • Being offered opportunities to hook up, but turning them down saying “I’m not in the mood” and then all your friends are like “broooo, what’s wrong with you”
  • Fatigue and a general sense of bad well being
  • School work is affected as cognitive performance goes to shit
    These things, especially during year 11 and 12, are going to affect your school work, performance in sport, social life and ability to get with girls (or boys… or both…. Depending on your sexual orientation) negatively, while this is only temporary after coming off, I believe many seventeen-year old’s lack the maturity to handle feeling shit like that and will just hop back on, permanently damaging their endocrine system. If your growth plates are not fused (get an X ray of your wrist to confirm they are fused or at least partially fused as some 17-year-old boys will have fused growth plates (like me :blush:). If they aren’t fused you have the risk of permanently stunting your growth, estrogen causes growth plates to shut, hence why girls stop growing sooner than boys. Even if you control estrogen, androgens in supraphysiologic influence closing growth plates at an accelerated rate, not as much as estrogen, but still a noticeable amount. Finally, there is the (albeit small) chance that you won’t recover, forcing you to be on TRT for life. At your age, your endocrine system may or may not still be developing, if it is, there is no large-scale data as to whether shutting down your endocrine system before it is fully developed will screw up your future endocrine development, however shutting down a system of the body before it can finish developing will may have consequences in the long run. You haven’t given your stats such as height, weight, years training, diet etc. Judging from your post I’d say you are more than a few years away from being ready to use gear, however I’m not your dad, this is your life… don’t fuck it up

Is this post a troll though? Did I just waste my time writing a response?

I refuse to get into this fuckery.

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