Advice on Dose TRT, HCG and AI

Hello My Brothers,

I Hope you are all finding your way through this maze and achieving a more fulfilling healthier life.

I wanted to ask a few questions and talk about my dose

My doc has me on 200mg Testosterone Enanthate at .6ml per week = 120mg per week if my math is correct.

My doc only allows me to inject once per week but Ive read on here that is shit due to the peaks and valleys. I also noticed bad sides like uncontrollable bladder and I was scared that eventually the once a week injections would stop working.

Before I switched to twice a week i got labs done and It showed 953 and that was only at .5ML which is 100mg only. I asked to split the injections because I wasn’t feeling the best and He said no but ill raise your dose by .1 cc.

anyways my question is would be testosterone levels be lower if I divided my dose into 2 and took .3 on monday and .3 on friday ?

also I take Rx 10ML 10000IU HCG .4 CC 3 times per week.

My doc hasn’t prescribed me any AI and says I don’t need it which is BS

so I got some anastrozole from a buddy but I don’t know how good it is since its not prescription.

So ive been taking .75mg twice a week on injection days

Please help guys because I feel lost and confused. Maybe @KSman can help!!!

Injecting more frequent actually tends to raise t higher even if injecting a bit less Compared if doing 1x a week at higher dose. So I would start at 50 mg 2x a week total of 100. Should give you same level as doing 120 in 1 shot with more stable levels and a better e2.

It is not recommended taking an AI until after 6 weeks on a protocol to see where U are at. .75 x 2 will most likely crash ur e2 making you feel miserable. Some never need an AI. Retake labs in 6 weeks and see how u feel. No AI for now imo. Estrogen is needed and good as long as it is in good ratio with t levels.

I personally like splitting the dose. It’s Much more consistent. I’ve recently even gone to every other day to split it even more. But i take 200 weekly.

It’s time to find a new doctor, this one is close-minded and outdated in his knowledge. It’s impossible to know if you will need an AI or not this early in the game, the fact that the doctor says you don’t need it indicates he will not provide it even if you do need it.

It’s time to move on.


Just recently increased my dose to .5 mg EOD. When should I get my E2 tested?