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Advice on Doing DB Flye Correctly?

I have read that doing DB flye’s are great for pre-fatige’n the pecs & use them every week. But trying to find the correct weight for only 12 reps ( my goal )is a bit hard on the shoulders. I have dropped the weight down from 30 to 20 & can do over 20 plus reps with a good stretch, but just don’t feel the burn. I can do them with the 30 DB but feel it more in the shoulder area than the chest.
Can someone share some insight on what I’m doing wrong or is 12 reps the wrong goal for flye’s or is it as simple as finding some 25lb DB??

pull your shoulder blades together and don’t bring your arms up past 90 degrees.

make sure to bring them down as far as you can comfortably too.

also keep your arms as stiff/straight as you can too.

Logic would suggest just trying the 25’s…

As far as form, when I did fly’s I would just let my arms drop do that I could feel them really stretching my chest apart and then really concentrate on using the chest as musch as possible to bring the DB’s back together while squeezing the chest as much as possble at the top.

Be careful in taking all the bend out of the elbows…I know they are suppose to be as straight as possible…but I just tore my pec doing these…and the things I was working on before the injury was pushing tempo, taking all the bend out of my elbows, and I was bottoming out the rep high on the chest…almost at my chin.