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Advice On DIM + CDG, Any Users Out There?

G’day Fellas so I’ll keep it short and sweet , Just want to know if there are guys out there running DIM and CDG with their TRT protocol , what are the general doses and what sort of differences/ affects do we get from adding this in ?? My latest labs for reference thanks again Gents for your input as always :muscle:t3::+1:t3::muscle:t3:

Total test LCMS - 40 ( 10-28 nmol )
Free test - 1083 ( 170 -800 pmol )
SHBG - 37 ( 17 - 90 nmol )
Oestradial LCMS 104 ( 40 - 160 pmol )

Test E 75mg every 3.5 days
HcG 300 iu every 3.5 days

Pardon the ignorance but what is CDG?

I use it it’s great works for me. I take one capsule on day of injection. Jarrow formulas DIM+CDG both in one capsule. Taking 2 would give me headache. Be sure to up ur fibre and water intake to aid in flushing estrogens from your system. I haven’t needed AI this seems to do the trick for me provided you’re in physiological dose of T (100-150).

Gday @mike12 thanks for the info do you know if it lowered your E2 a lot I read it just “ takes a little of the top “ which is really all I’m looking for I don’t want to send it too low , most the info I read is from John Crisler so wanted some real time users feedback ,

Hey @Spike9726 calcium d glucarate is a supplement you can use along with DIM to help regulate and excrete out estrogens Crisler recommends it and a lot of his patients are using it , he claims to include it in his protocol himself .

It does just that (little off the top) balances me out without any of the harsh sides of AIs. I take one cap on the day of my shot be aware that more than 1 a day will cause headaches because of the overload of liver detox. It’s good for general health too.

@mike12 thanks for the info mate appreciate it I will check out the combined tabs sounds a lot simpler cheers :+1:t3::muscle:t3::+1:t3:

@_wilso84 Thank you!

I woke up with a killer headache after two or three days taking 2× 100mg of DIM. Stopped after that and still not sure it they were related.