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Advice on Digital Cameras

Anyone have any advice on digital cameras?

I’m looking for something small, relatively cheap (less then $300, but really less then 200) that can take videos (like filming gym lifts) and O.K. quality pictures. I just bought a Nikon D60, but I’m not about to bring that to the gym, plus I can’t even record video.

So cheap camera, small and portable, can record/take snap shots? Suggestions?

Check this link


you’re going to want to look at the ‘Compact’ and ‘Ultra Compact’ categories.

There’s plenty of them. Go check out walmart, target, best buy, and all those places if your looking for a cheap one.

I think you can find something good for $250. My camera was free since a company didn’t want them anymore. It takes photos/videos. They said they were giving them away for free since they only paid like $200 each one.

Ask Jeff what he has.

Sony DSC-W290 is pretty hard to beat for around $209 these days on amazon.com.

There is a nice Canon that is a little better optically, but it’s much (relatively) larger. And there is a Nikon that is also potentially superior in it’s optics, but it is so small you couldn’t possibly hold it. And both of those are about $300 so a bit more expensive.

My wife and I spend a few weeks researching this and bought the DSC-W290 a few weeks ago. We’re very happy with our decision.

I think you should get the kind of camera where your chick will let you take dirty pictures of her with it. Those cameras work the best.

Canon A1000 or A2000.

If I understand you right, you’re more interested in filming than snapping pics? If so, I’d get the aiptek ahd. http://www.amazon.com/Aiptek-720P-Definition-Camcorder-Silver/dp/B000UO796Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1252260557&sr=8-1

It takes nice videos, can also take pictures which come out pretty decent.

Jared, I would ask Jeff, but I don’t want to get banned from the rec

Seize, thanks, will spend a while perusing

humanjhawkins, I think thats the one I was fiddling with at Micro Center, liked it and it was pretty cheap, glad to know you like it

Squiggles, the only problem I see with something like that, is if I’m by myself, how would I be able to stand that up and take a video from a chair/bench or something?

[quote]Leigh7 wrote:
I have an iflip and the HD video quality is great! [/quote]

Wow, I really like the look of that thing.

can you take still’s too?

[quote]countingbeans wrote:
I think you should get the kind of camera where your chick will let you take dirty pictures of her with it. Those cameras work the best.[/quote]

I agree, you need to be asking this question on a porn site. Seriously just figure out how much you want to spend then look for cameras online in that price range and get the one with the best reviews.

Go to dpreview.com and look at their “roundup” articles. Most visited digital photography site on the net.

The Aiptek is great for video in that it’s easy to hold and operate as a video camera. I still recommend the Canons (A720is, A1000, A2000, SX100is-SX200is). They do video, and of course do stills. There’s a common Canon camera hack that allow you to use optical zoom and focus while shooting the video, along with many other amazing features if you’re a photo buff. Optical zoom is something the Aipteks lack unless they’ve just added it to their newest cameras. I’ve also read complaints about how it performs in low light (indoors).

The Aiptek above is a nice little video camera for the price, but quite limited in what it can do well.

If you do show interest in the Canon cameras, I can send you a video I shot indoors with an A720is. The video uses the Canon hack that allowed me to use optical zoom in the vid.

Just go to Circuit City or somewhere and play around with all the display cameras. Find one that you like within your price range that does all the things you want–check out image quality, etc.

I am worthless with advice here, I just sold my Nikon D300 in hopes to trade up to a D700.