Advice on Destroying Fat Program

a little info about me I am 23 5’8 and 190 lbs. I am currently utilizing the Destroying Fat program that i got from this site, however due to the fact that my legs were hardly worked before this ( i have been working out on and off for 2 years more like off though. and ran cross country 1 year ago…sacraficing most of my muscle mass, you see i got down to 138 running close to 10 miles a day!..sorry for the tangent)

any way now that i am doing it i had to modify my heavy lifting day for quads/hams with the sled and heavier leg extensions on the machine.

My question is now that i want to actually do a real quad/ham excercise what should I do?? i was thinking about doing the squat sled and actual squats and maybe throw in some lunges but i would like to get the most efficient workout to help burn fat and maintain muscle mass soooo…

any all knowing gym rats have some suggestions for a noob.

Squats are the best leg exercise. Try front squats and overhead squats as well. The force you to use correct form and help correct back issues.

Deadlifts and its variations are important for proper hamstring development.

Lunges and split squats are great for quad development and also for balance and coordination.

If you start light and focus on technique you can work legs 3 times a week without DOMS. Keeping that up as the weight gets heavier is easy if you rotate the exercises around in a heavy, light, medium pattern.

Back Squats (heavy)
Romanian Deadlifts (Medium)

Overhead Squats or lunges (light)
Deadlifts (Heavy)

Front Squats (Medium)
Glute Ham Raise (light)

You can do something similar for upper body.