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Advice on Deloading Week


So just recently in my training ive been trying to implement deloading weeks every fourth week but i need some advice on how to do it. The first week, i simply cut down the volume, and the second deloading week, i didnt lift at all. Next week will be my 3rd deloading week and im not sure whether i should cut back or just not lift at all. I didnt feel much of a difference between how the 2 different deloading weeks went though i will admit when i didnt train at all for the week i slacked on my diet a bit also. I definitely feel some of my muscles could use the rest, but some of em could still be trained, so its up in the air right now.

Any advice/opinions welcome.


Same weights 50% volume…(my favourite)

3x circuit type routines per week with morning steady state cardio and strict diet at just about maintanance…(can be done for some fatloss in between heavy gaining weeks if you need it-have seen some people do this)

Same volume lighter weights…(Also done by many)

Also deloads are also done for CNS recovery. So besides joints hurting etc- don’t think about ‘muscles’ that feel if they can still be trained or not. It is them joints and tendons and CNS that usually need the rest…


I like the idea of same weights 50% volume ill probably go with that and see how things go, i dont think ill bother to tone down the calories/protein though since ive got a ridiculously fast metabolism. thanks for the advice.