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Advice On Cy's Never Ending Cycle


I'm 36 and haven't used any gear in many years. I am looking to start back. I have been training steady for two years now and have my diet in order. I'm not to looking to get looking to get huge or gain too much to quickly. (I would like to be somewhat discreet about using gear) I just want to gain a few extra pounds and keep as much as possible. I took the advice at the beginning of this thread and read some of the articles recommended.

My question comes from Cy's article that talks about not suppressing your endogenous testosterone in "Never Ending Cycle" which I will quote "The only other option that leaves us with would be low dosages of Testosterone (<200 mg per week) taken concurrently with anastrozole or 4-AD".....

I would take this for 16 weeks, then PCT, then off for awhile then go on another long cycle. Would this be a good option to start with considering my goals?
I already have plenty of Sus, so this would be my gear of choice.


I'm not sure taking anastrozole or 4-AD would keep your natural T from being suppressed. I remember reading the article way back, but I don't recall what exactly it said, though it seemed to make sense then. But running <200mg/wk, even in addition to an AI and a PH, doesn't seem to be enough to elicit appreciable gains. I'd bump up the test.

If you're not looking to get too big too fast I would suggest a modest cycle using the sust you have. Something like 500mg, two amps per week, would be good. If you have a multi-use vial you can always do something less, say around 400mg/wk, to be more conservative with the gains. You likely aren't going to blow up on 400-500mg of test.

After the cycle just run your typical PCT. However P22 has a thread on here about tapering testosterone as PCT, instead of taking the typical PCT drugs. It has done well for many in retaining more gains and making a smoother transition into being "off." I'm not sure you can do it with sust, but look up "Prisoner#22's Test Taper Thread," or something similar. Plus there are current discussions going on about it now in the forum.