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Advice on Cypionate Stack and PCT

Hey guys I found this forum after I have already started my TRT. After testing and tweaking with cypionate only I have found a comfortable dose with no sides that is giving good gains. Currently I am at 150mg Monday and Thursday Test Cypionate subcutanious alternating glutes.

Currently 21% body fat and currently my goal is 15% Body Fat 6 months in to a routine of 45min of lifting followed by 30-60 min cardio 5 days a week and my calories are hovering at 2400 but I am trying to get that down. Of that I am getting about 250g of protein.

I would like to peak my aesthetics for the summer so I am looking for advice. Currently I am considering two options.

Cycle off the cypionate for the summer to get rid of any water retention and lean out.


Introduce another compund maybe GH or Tren Ace for a short blast through summer and cycle off after and cruising on cypionate only or cycling off of everything after that and seeing where my natural Test levels relax to.

Thanks guys. Let me know if yo uneed more info.

I think the questions related to cycling and doses that high are best directed at the steroid forum not TRT. I think you would get better advice there and more people reading will have similar goals/questions. Every 3 days you’re taking my entire months supply to put it in perspective.

Taking Cypionate only, especially that much, will make your E2 go sky-high and that is where the water retention and weight gain are likely being produced from. The use of an aromatase inhibitor like anastrozole is helpful for that.

Thakns for the assist I reposted.

Mods if you could move this thread that would be coool. Thanks