Advice on Cycling, Currently on TRT

Long story / Short Version

I once weighed almost 300 pounds. I have gone up and down over the years a bit. Concerned for my inability to lose much weight, even with diet and exercise, my doctor explored more possibilities and began putting me on a small dose of Testosterone C. It was a very small dose. Like 50mg every two weeks.

I switched doctors and somehow my new doctor is very pro-active in increasing T levels in men, and there was also some confusion in my previous dose … so he started me at 200mg every week of Test C injections. As well as 10mg of Tomaxofin daily.

My T levels greatly increased and I noticed that my body was changing all on it’s own. I noticed muscle in places that I never had. And I was losing weight. I decided to take advantage of this and began working out in July of 2016.

I work out 6 days a week. Mostly rotating between pecs, biceps and triceps. I don’t do much on legs yet, because my upper body is the most out of shape and my lower body is actually quite muscular, naturally.

In June of 2017, I weighed 241 and went on a high protein and low carb diet. I dropped to 209 in just two months. And I am now ready to get big.

One of the most important things for me is to build very large PECS . . because of my being previously overweight. . I had man boobs. And now I need to fill that space (that was previously fat) with muscle so it looks right. And my Pecs are my highest priority.

Here’s where I am at: I have done some research on beginner cycling. I plan on doing 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off . . then repeat . . I picked 5 weeks because that’s what my T script can handle, and I really don’t want to get into buying 'off market" at this time. With my script, I can do 5 weeks of 400mg/weekly Test C. I also have a script for Tomaxafin to incorporate into the cycle.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is a 5 week cycle of 400mg/week of Test C - significant enough to yield good results in muscle gain?

  2. Should I take tomaxofin every day during the cycle, or just near the end? As I have read many different cycle techniques.

  3. I currently weigh 209. How many calories per day should I be eating to seek the most gains of muscle but not fat? And How many grams of protein is recommended to get those muscle gains?

  4. PECS . . . I currently do bench press, incline and decline . .and I just started incorporating push ups into my every day routine. Any guidance on the best way to get those gains in my pecs? That’s the most important to me. My biceps/triceps have grown easily enough. My pecs have grown a lot, but still need a huge amount of growth to fill out the bit of flab areas . . especially lower pec area.

  5. I currently use dumbells at home for my pecs. 40 lbl dumbells. I do 4 sets of each (bench, incline, decline) and 12 reps in each set. Should I be increasing or decreasing weight to see better results during cycle? Should I be increasing reps?

  6. Should I inject twice a week? Like Monday and Thursday (200mg/ each injection) or is it better to inject the full 400mg once weekly?

What is my best option for building my pecs fast? I want to take my shirt off and just feel good again.

I really appreciate any guidance and info about reaching my goals. Yes, I have done the research about cycling and the risks. And I am literally so unhappy with how my deflated man boobs look . .that I am willing to accept the risks and move forward.