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Advice on Cycle

Got a question or two. Im doing my second, and most likely final cycle because of the career im about to enter into. Recently it has been extremely hard to buy gear where i’m at. Well my friend went and got some, but he was able to get everything EXCEPT Test. Believe it or not. So I have Deca, EQ, Dbol, and pct of course.

Of course I have read and heard no cycle should be without test and Deca and EQ are too alike. Ive also heard a few people say EQ and DEca is good. Including my friend :))) Soo…

Supposing I can’t get any Test before I have to get started, should I:

Go with EQ and Deca together with Dbol?

Just do one of them?

Or is there a way to do both seperately? Like do one for 6-7 weeks, then the other?

Thanks for any advice, besides “find a better contact!” I KNOW!!! :))


I’m a big fan of using Test in every cycle, but you said you can’t get that, so I would say take what you have and put it to good use. Odd that you bought Deca and EQ instead of just more of one or the other (I prefer EQ over deca for the appetite and lean mass gains). Either way, I’m sure you can add a few quality pounds over a decent length cycle (12+ weeks) if you just limit the d-bol to the beginning of the cycle (first 4-6 weeks). Not sure what your goal for this cycle is, but if you’re going for an all-out bulk, you may just want to consider selling your shit or keeping it around until you can get some Test, because I will say that true bulking cycles SHOULD include Test.

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I would hold out for some test.

Ok so im in the process of getting some test possibly. Hopefuly… Anybody here who has done test/deca and test/eq? Which do you recommend?


oh someones becoming a cop…

test/eq minimum 10weeks

do the deca and test for 10 weeks if you’re trying to get Bigger. do the test/eq if your just trying to improve body composition.

Not a cop, a firefighter. I would never be a cop.

Thanks for all the help guys!