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Ok so iv done a couple of courses here and there nothing to major but I want to go all out in my next one first I’m wondering what peoples thoughts are on bulking and cutting in the same cycle, bulking for 12 weeks then cutting for 6 I only plan on doing it so I don’t have to run 2 pcts as I think it would be less stress full on the body to do it all in one and have a worry about loosing muscle while cutting without juice I plan on running test E/cyp (undecided there) deca, dbol,anavar, and clen,

Bulk 12 weeks
front load with 1000mg test
250mg test x2 a week for 12 weeks
250 deca first 6 weeks
Dbol 40mg first 4 weaks
anavar 60mg at week 10

Cut 6 weeks
2x 250mg test 4 weeks
Anavar 40mg 6 weeks
Clen pyramid dose 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (6weeks)

Pct start at week 16 (2 weeks after last text jab)
Nolva and Clomid still deciding on hcg

You got a lot going on here but il get right to your question.

I dont think it’s a great idea. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done tho. I personally think a cycle should have one major goal followed by a pct or cruise. I think this method is proven and will always yield superior results over a bulk/cut combo. You also have to remember that just because you chnage from bulk to cut mid cycle doesn’t mean your body neccarily changes as quick. It can take a week or two for your body to fully process these changes and start burning fat at a desired speed.

if anything, during the cutting part personally i would lower the test to about 350/week and up the anavar to 60-80 mg. you have the anavar higher during the bulking phase than the cutting phase! and i assume you will want to look as dry as possible during your cutting phase. lowering test will make you less hungry and reduce bloat a tiny bit, but honestly it’s not that big of a deal.

also, i agree with zeke. if you give 100% of your effort to bulking or cutting you will achieve better results than 66% to bulking and 33% to cutting

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I do agree that it would be better focusing on just one at a time but how long is a good time to wait between bulking and cutting? And are there actually any benefits In waiting? Iv kinda got In my head if I’m shutting my natural test down I might aswell do everything then just recover from it once Instead of dragging the process out… and on the point of It taking a week or so for the body to switch over could I just go 2 weeks longer on the cut. I like the theory on cutting the test down thanks for that idea

typically switching from a bulk to a cut should be a slightly slow process because changes in metabolism aren’t instant. if you are at a bulk and instantly drop down to a cut, your body still thinks your going to get those calories and all you will do is deprive your muscles for about 2 weeks. if slowly, your body will slowly adjust as calories drop making dropping body fat MUCHHHHH easier. learned this the hard way. however you do it, remember it’s a marathon… not a 40 yard dash.

Im Guessing you mean how long between each cycle. This is largely debated. Il give you the standard safety frost answer. And that’s a minimum of 3 months from the finish of pct. With that being said you will see alot of people running a bulk pct then a month or so later run. A cut. I’d suggest if your gonna do that then def get labs first to make sure pct worked and recovered from the first.

It does seem to make sense right? But that’s not. How it works unfortunately. (I wish it did).
See the problem is the longer you stay shut down the harder it’s gonna be at the end to get the sack back up and pumping. A difference of 10-16 wekeks won’t matter much but let’s say you run a 3 month bulk then 3 month cut. Your shut down for Almost 7 months counting the 2 weeks before pct. Some people never recover from a 12 week cycle do you really want to take that gamble unless your prepared for the possibility of TRT I wouldn’t suggest it. Further more unless your using some other compounds blasting testosterone usually has a point of diminishing returns around that 12-16 week mark. Which is why even the pros cruise before blasting again.

So in theory if I do stick with this id benefit alot from going calorie surplus to calorie deficit over a 2-3 week period bump the anavar up and test down … sometimes it helps to sprint at the start of a marathon to get ahead of the pack hahaha

I am only planning to run the test for 16 weeks maybe 18 max if I add a Little more time for my body to adjust from bulking to cutting. If never used clen but from what iv read 6 weeks of it should be enough for how much I want to cut atleast a good kick start then go natural after it … then again I haven’t actually used it so it is only an assumption

Im gonna tell you what i’d do and if you want to follow it do it. The best thing to do for what you’re desiring would unfortunately be 2 cycles, although i promise those won’t be your last 2, this progress is addicting after you see what you are capable of. First run a 12 week bulk. use compounds as you see fit, keeping test at 500 and adding whatever you have for bulking. eat like a f*cking beast!!! be in a surplus 24/7. workout 5-6 days a week. start workouts with heavy compounds and end them with a ton of volume. then run a pct for 4 weeks. wait 12 weeks from when you end pct, then start cutting cycle. drop down the testosterone to 300 mg a week and let the drying compounds shine. run them at a higher dose. so this is a anavar, winstrol, masteron, etc. if you have never cut on steroids, DO NOT USE CLEN. it is not needed right now i promise. do cardio 4 days a week 1 hour per day in the morning on an empty stomach. run this for 12 weeks then pct again. after that is up to you, but trying to recomp is harder than you think in one cycle. do two if that’s what you want, or stay off steroids and gradually make progress, although that doesn’t sound like what you want to do.

the answer isn’t extending the cycle. use the time between the 2 cycles to change your diet up and slowly shift into cutting mode to lose as least muscle as possible. you will not regret it. running an 18 week cycle to make all that progress is harder than you think and you will be SOOO shut down that you will lose more gains than doing 2 separate cycles. 18 weeks is a 4 1/2 month blast… that’s rather long imo for a beginner

I kinda hate the fact that your making valid points I had my heart set on being able to knock it all out in 18 or so weeks you’ve given me a bit to think about I probably will split them up I just don’t like the idea of loosing my abbs for an extended period of time but I get it’s one of the sacrifices you need to make to put on serious size … why do you advise against clen? Iv read a lot of mixed things about it

if you’re worried about losing your abs on test e 500/week then you’re mistaken. unless you eat like complete shit, you will still keep your abs as i find testosterone keeps me in a state where it is somewhat difficult to put on significant fat as long as i don’t eat pizza every day. even if you did, the strength and size you will gain from bulking seems like a good enough trade off for the time being… as far as clen goes, don’t use it yet. cut with steroids only first. you’re acting like you will even need the clen to lose a ton of fat. plus, on top of that, side effects like excessive sweating, shaking hands, and heart tremors personally steer me away from it. and besides, if you follow a structured diet you will burn through calories like setting a fat kid on fire.