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Advice on Cycle for Strength


Planning my first cycle in the upcoming weeks
I have been training hard for 2 years and with proper clean eating calorie load of about 4000 to 4500 a day I try for an 60/20/20 split
Currently 200lbs 5`10" around 20% by
Trying to increase strength more then muscle size.
I have a very physical job (manual labor) train hard 4 days a week about 80 minutes.

Two questions I have is on cycle should I increase my gym days or do I need time to recover?
The other question is I can't eat any more food I'm already shoveling it in no stop. Thinking of weight gainer. 1 servings day split into 3 shakes with my protein for an additional 1300 calorie s

Thank you for your time


Why in 3 days since your last post almost identical to this one have you

  1. Lost a inch in height.
  2. Calories have dropped 1000 a day.
  3. Have abandoned your proposed cycle.
  4. Have switched from wanting to get Jacked to mainly caring about strength.


The inch got dropped by typing on my phone.
Still going to run the same cycle
I want to pick up straight before size this go around.
You are good picking all that up !!!
Thanks for the response.
Just looking for some pointers wanting to take my lifting to the next level.
Tired of being an average Joe.
Want to walk in the gym and know I own it!