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Advice on Cycle (4 Weeks On, 2 Weeks Off)

So hello T Nation, this is my first post in here.

I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how set up a good cycle. The reason is because I’ve gotten a new job, where we go to work for 2 weeks, then we have 4 weeks off.

I’ve 6 years experience off cycling, on and off. Tried the most, usually going like EW, E5D, depending on what.

I’ve been thinking about trying Test U, for the first time, going every 14th day as a base. I will time it when I go to work, and when I get home.

But apart of that, what I could use those 4 weeks im free. Thats what I need some advice on.

Thanks, just hit me up if there is any questions. :slight_smile: