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Advice on Cutting with Test E and Tbol?


Hi guys,

Age: 35
Height: 6"3
Weight: 205lbs
Bodyfat: 16-17%

So I’m looking to do my second cycle and was hoping to get some advice from the knowledgeable and experienced members out there. My first cycle was Test e only, 625mg per week. I didn’t get fantastic results as my diet wasn’t where it needed to be.

This cycle I’m planning on cutting. I have test e and dbol to run with. I understand they prob aren’t the ideal compounds to cut with but it’s what I have.

I’m planning on running:
Test e 500mg - weeks 1-10
Dbol 30mg - ed weeks 2-8 (is this enough?)
HCG 500IU per week - weeks 2-10
Arimidex - .5mg eod - weeks 1-10

2 weeks off

40mg nolva 2 weeks
20mg nolva 2 weeks

I’ll be lifting 6 days per week and doing HIIT 3-4 days per week.

I’m planning on eating around 2000 cals per day. I know that isn’t a lot but like I said I’m totally focusing on cutting.

So if I followed this plan do you think I could expect good results? I don’t expect that I’ll put on much/any muscle. But would this plan allow me to maintain muscle while shredding up?

Like I said I know they aren’t the ideal compounds but it’s what I have. I’m not too concerned about some water weight while on cycle, more focused on after.

I really appreciate any advice or experience that you guys could share with me.



Anybody have an advice for me?



Still haven’t gotten any response to this. Would really appreciate if someone could offer some advice.

Thanks in advance.


cutting with dbol??


I know it’s not ideal, but I’ve heard it can still be useful with cutting. You don’t agree?


water retention…be aware of that. to me it does not make sense. if I want to cut I want to see me as much dry as possible without bloating


What is supporting the hpta the 2 weeks you are off ?


I had read to wait two weeks before beginning HCG. Do you think it’s best to run it from day 1?


KSman says:

[quote]Length of PCT discussion needs to be in the context of what has been done during the cycle to prevent testicular shut down [hCG or SERM] and preventing hypothalamus-pitutiary shutdown [SERM]. And that addresses the issue of taking nothing for “10-14 days”; if you have been supporting the HPTA during the cycle, its insane to stop that for a period before PCT.

Everything needs to be in context and well thought out. Can’t deal with these things with individual isolated sub-topics. There needs to be guidance build around defined strategies re what gets shutdown and what does not. If HPTA is supported all through a cycle, PCT all most seems to go away. If there has been total HPTA shutdown, then PCT needs to take time to first recover testicular form and function.[/quote]


if you just follow the plan you laid out for yourself " I’ll be lifting 6 days per week and doing HIIT 3-4 days per week." with proper diet you can drop that 3-4% bodyfat in 4-5 months without using gear…


This is what I’ve been weighing up. Maybe I’m better off continuing to cut for a few more months and hold out until mid next year to bulk with my gear.

Thanks for all your replies guys.