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Advice on Cutting Weight Before Meet



I have my first powerlifting meet coming up 4 in weeks. I am super exited and very nervous. Not sure how ill do. I will be competing in the 165 lb weight class. I am planning to hit Squat:365, Bench: 380, Deadlift:405. I used to have a dip bar
at my house and I did that for years thats why my bench is so much higher than other lifts in case your wondering.

Anyways I have been getting a little fat. Currently I am 171 lb. I need to cut a little and I would appreciate some advice on how to do it. Some people say water loading is good but I dont understand the steps involved. ANy help would be great. Also 2hr weigh in.


Google waterloading for powerlifting meet 70sbig and you will find a great article detailing how to do it. Should be pretty easy to make weight. Do you have a 2 hr weigh in or a 24 hr?


Is there any particular reason you can’t compete in the 181 class? For your first meet, I feel like it would be better to not worry about cutting weight and just focus on learning what a meet is like. There is going to be a whole lot of “newness” going on (competition environment, competition equipment, verbal commands, picking attempts, etc) that a weight cut is just one more variable to pile on.


Is weigh-in same day, or do you weigh-in the day before? It makes a little bit of a difference in the approach.

That being said, 6 lbs is a very easy water cut.


[quote] Squat:365, Bench: 380, Deadlift:405.

Bench: 380, WOW! Very impressive…apparently I need to start doing more dips!


Kind of a speacialty of mine. Have successful cut from 232-198.4 with the below.

10-7 days out :
Gallon of Water
4-5g of salt
Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Protein Powder. Carbs from Oats, Sweet Potatoes, ans Rice. Keep calories normal don’t binge carbs around normal. NO MILK OR STEAK.

6-4 Days out
Water intake gallon and Half Sodium normal. Cut carbs in half.

Tuesday Night
Milk Of Magnesia before bed Tuesday, Water 2 gallons, 100g if carbs, 3g of sodium

Wednesday- 2.5 gallons of water, NO CARBS, NO SODIUM

Thursday- NO SODIUM NO WATER, Depending on weight will determine if or what you can eat will most likely be some peanut butter and chicken breast maybe. But will depend on how close you are. Thursday around 6pm you will begin water force out dry sauna is best and most effective so please try to accomidate for that a gym thats open late it may take a few hours. If you are allowed diuretics natural one likes Dandelion Root need to be taken now as well. Lasiks is much more effective but can be hard to come by. If you can’t then just more time in the sauna so check drug rules. You need to be weighing 1-2 lbs of weight before going to bed… You may not get to sleep.

Friday Weigh in

Before going to venue to weigh in mix a gallon jug with 1 part Water, 1 part pedilyte, 15ml of Glycerin. The second you step off the scale you begin drinking. DO NOT CHUG IT. If you do you will get nauseous and light headed most likely throw up which only lowers how much time you have to optimally rehydrate. You need to get atleast 1 gallon of fluid down for every 10lbs you lose. So I’d shoot for 3 gallons same mix in each. Space it out.

Breakfast: 2-3 eggs, Pancakes in Heavy Syrup, Toast and Grits. Waffle House is great, cheap and every where.

Lunch: Burger (NOT A HUGE GREASY ONE will upset your stomach and you can’t afford that) Baked or Sweet Potatoes. If in a Budget Peanutbutter, Banana, and Honey Sandwiches work well here too.

Dinner: Essentially same as lunch. Have Ice Cream or Cake not to much but something to finish the night off.

DO NOT GO TO SLEEP AND STOP DRINKING until your weight is with in just a few pounds of the starting cut weight. If you cab being heavier is even better. Sleep good wake up and have a normal breakfast and continue on downing more fluids. Believe it or not a good chance your piss will still not be clear by now. Continue to eat lightly. You need a ton of carbs NOT A TON OF SHIT CARB


Hmm. I never thought about it like that. You definitely got me thinking. I am considering it now still not 100% sure what ill do.


Don’t set too high of expectations for your first meet. You’ll have time to break records in the future. You’ll be better prepared for that when you have more experience. Make sure to practice commands before the meet. It doesn’t hurt to cut just to learn what it takes and how you perform. BTW, that is an impressive bench.