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Advice on Current Training Program


I have been using rescue athlete for the last year and a half, and I am curious as to what some of the more experienced lifters in these forums think of it. A brief description of the website: Run by Air Force Pararescuemen, program designed for those training for or in the special operations community.

I have enjoyed the training and feel challenged by it, but to be honest I haven't seen incredible gains from the program. I follow it religiously, and often add in a little bit of extra work as I see fit. I recently graduated a special operations selection course and lost about 15lbs (175 down to 160) in the process. I would really like to regain this weight and possible add more (I'm 6'1"). My question is: Is the programming on this site appropriate to my goals of adding some muscle mass and strength? I understand that a lot of this also comes down to my effort and dedication, and I assure you that this is not an issue.

Any critiques of the program or general advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


You answered your own question in the first paragraph.

And yes, lot's of programs here for your goals. Pick on, be consistent and enjoy.


Asked, and answered.