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Advice on Current Program (GPP)

Hi guys and gals.

I’ve decided to embark on some GPP work for about 4 - 6 months to build a good foundation for my body. From their i plan to cycle in more strength work based around the deadlift and some olympic lifts with a kettlebell. The GPP work I’m doing (just completed one week) is the crossfit stuff but heavily scaled back and 4 times a week instead of 6.

I was also introduced to a kettlebell last week by a friend and loved it.

So my plan is to introduce kettlebell swings and turkish getups into my GPP training as well.

I was wondering if i could get some feedback as to how this sounds as GPP program.

any comments criticisms or ‘must do’ exercises appreciated :slight_smile:

some basic info about me.
age 30
5ft 7
64 kilos
12.5% bodyfat
never really trained lower body before beyond basketball and rock climbing.