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Advice on Current Cycle - Test C & Anavar

New user, first cycle. I’ve done a lot of research but just looking to get a few more opinions on my current cycle. I’m a little over 1 week in.

  • Male
  • 195#
  • ~11% Body Fat

CrossFit Training (2.5 years, 4 days per week). I’ve started adding more pure strength since my cycle started.

12 Week Cycle

300mg Test-C every 5 days
1mg Arimidex every 5 days
50mg Anavar every day

On the day of my last pin start taking 50mg Nolvadex every night before bed for 4 weeks.

Thank you in advance.

I don’t think you are on the right direction.

No need to take AI and SERM at the same time UNLESS you are experiencing Gyno which still what most people recommend is up your AI and last resource combine them.

Not an expert, just what I’ve read here and there.

AI life in blood is short, do .5mg e3d if that’s your desired dosage but not e5d.

My .2 cents.

Good points - especially since the test dose is relatively low. If it was a gram or more, perhaps I would make an argument for his suggestion. I would probably just use nolvadex from the start personally.

The first suggestion I would make is perhaps consider upping your test to 500mg. 300mg is just over TRT dose and you’ll have a lot more strength and mass impact with 500 while still remaining at a very conservative dose.
If your Anavar is pharmaceutical I would consider this a minimum dose, and if its not pharm then I would say 80-100mg would be a more effective dose. For a guy 80-100 is really what’s needed to see real strength gains (I’m talking about actual Anavar…underground anavar is one of the most commonly faked drugs - 90% of the time its a mix or dbol and winstrol or if you have a good dealer then turinabol…real anavar powder is very expensive. I only mention this because my dosing advice is based on real anavar).
Other than that - since you began with arimadex then take .5 every third day (or more frequently if there is need) and you most likely wont need the nolvadex at the end of the cycle - two bottles of alpha male will do the trick (your doses are low). For future I would probably do 10mg of nolvadex per day for the cycle and continue with it for a week or two afterward if needed.
If kids are a consideration you probably also want to take hcg as well.