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Advice On Creatine Purchase


I know how people on this site feel about creatine mixed with other ingredients. However i walked into GNC and saw that Creadrive was on sale, buy one get one free.

It's still a powder form creatine except with 35 grams of carbs per serving and free form taurine (what is that btw?)...It didnt say whether it was monohydrate or not, I assume all powder creatine is mono but I did not get a chance to look at the ingredients label to confirm...

I know its best to take creatine with carbs, and i was considering mixing 5g monohydrate with my Surge post workout. However 2 for 1 is a pretty damn good deal. Is it worth even trying or should I just get the normal monohydrate?

(this the product btw... http://www.gnc.com/searchHandler/index.jsp?searchId=10506252165&change_search=products&keywords=creadrive&y=0&x=0 )


I'd just stick with the regular stuff. Btw I'd order off the net..way cheaper than GNC if ya need a few good sites PM me and I can give ya the addy!


Mono is mono, so if a serving that gives you 5 grams costs less than another source, go for it.

By the way, you don't ever need 5 grams, 3 is as effective for almost anyone.



Taurine is added for the cell volumising function it was also packaged in with some vanadyl supps of years past. It also helps prevent muscle cramps along with potassium and magnesium.

It is an amino acid, but then again its not strictly and amino acid because it does not contain any carboxylic-acid functional groups.

Taurine is also added to stuff like Caffeine drinks like Red Bull. I wondered for years why its there.

I figured it prevented dehydration and cramps a bit and prevent hepatic fat deposits particularly as its in a 'stimulant drink' often added to booze by party goers, clubbers, boozers etc.

I now found out its supposed to enhance the absoroption of caffeine. I say that's bollocks unless anyone can provide some evidence, I mean it might do, but wheres the evidence ? They would have been better off putting Naringenin in that slows the rate that caffeine is converted to paraxanthine in the liver.

As far as this supplement goes sounds like its based on the original Phosphagen HP stuff with carbs, taurine and creatine. It'll most prob be creatine monohydrate yeah, but you are paying for the carbs (and taurine). Can't you find any straight Creatine to stick in your Surge ?


yeah but in this case Creadrive is actually cheaper than regular creatine...so if its cheaper, has added carbs, and no harmful or useless ingredients then it is worth getting as opposed to more expensive but always realiable creatine monohydrate?