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Advice On Consuming Major Calories


This is my first post to the forum. I am 29 and a lifter of moderate experience. I am also an ectomorph, and I know that I need to consume LOTS of calories in order to put on mass. My problem is doing so in a way that I am not in a state of constant nausea and bloat. My workout is all compound movements and it is a good one. If I can find a way to work up to 5000-6000 calories per day, I think I can put on some impressive size. Any advice on this subject would be appreciated, and I look forward to being a part of the discussions.


Dense foods with high calories.

Nuts, eggs, whole milk, fatty fish, beef, fish oils, nut butters. hell a glass of milk and a PB and whole grain bread sandwhich could easily be 1000+ k/cals.

Add in a serving or 2 of Surge which is digested easily and fast around w/0 theres 350-700..

Rice maybe look at Chanko



What is your daily eating habits like now? What makes you feel nauseated?


Liquid caloires may be the way to go if consuming that much solid food makes you hurl. I'm a big believer in milk when bulking for this reason.


In addition to what has already been said one want to stay away from TOO MANY vegetables and foods that hold a lot of water. I'm not sayibng don't eat these foods but eat them only AFTER you've downed enough calories already for them meal. Vegetables and foods that hold a lot of water (soups, fruits etc.) will fill you up and bloat you.