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Advice on Clenbuterol and Heart Issues

Hi team,

I apologise if this has already been answered but I’ve been pouring over as much of the forums and literature as I can and haven’t exactly found what I need so I would appreciate any help with a couple of questions. Even if you think I should avoid clen, I would still like to learn how it would affect me.

Most places say that clen is safe in low doses however can be lethal to anyone with undiagnosed heart conditions, so I would like to know if there is anyway to compare clen to caffeine.

-What I mean is that since both clen and caffeine target beta-2 receptors would any of the possible negative side effects of clen be present in caffeine too? or would the potential heart issues come about from beta-1 activation by clen?

-caffeine has never been a problem for me, I remember back while cutting I would take maybe 300-600mg of caffeine from fat burners and preworkouts, so if I had a potentially dangerous heart condition would that amount of caffeine have triggered an attack and since I am still fine would it be safe to assume clen would be okay? or should I still avoid it?

-or is it due to the raised body temperature, sweat and ion imbalance that results in heart issues?

oh I don’t know if age would be a factor in this but I am in my 20’s if that makes any difference at all.

I have also posted this on another forum too just to gather as much info as possible

Thank you

What is your resting heart rate and bdfat?

How can we tell you how a drug will affect you personally?, no one and i mean NO ONE on this forum is qualified to give you that advice no one here is licensed in that medical field. everyone reacts differently, if you know you have heart problems tiny or big whatever they are, and you are thinking about taking a drug that causes heart issues just skip it, it seems obvious idc how knowledgeable you get, these are chemicals that can affect you on different levels that can cause you side effects due to 100000 of factors.

right now heart rate was just 68 but all I’m doing is study at the moment and with body fat right now I’m about 20% or so but I was planning on waiting for my next cut and starting at about 12%

yeah that’s definitely true that everyones body will react differently I just figured I might be able to get some feedback from others who may be in the same position or have known of people to have experienced either positive or negative side effects, but yeah in the end theres always going to be that risk involve that my body might not be able to take it. thank you

oh wait I just realised that my question may have been misleading. I do NOT have a heart condition that I know of, I think I made it sound like I do but my fear is that what if it turns out I do have one without knowing

Hey cyrptonite it resting pulse is high above 80bpm and bdft is above 15 leave clen alone.

Clen is effective when you are leaner dont do unless your cardiovascular is healthy, go down to lower bdfat, 2 on 2 off for two weeks then stop two weeks, my hands shoock like i has parkasins, when my resting pulse was around 60, i could run 2 miles in 11 minutes at 210 or so, plus i was heavy ephedrine user. Good for cutting weight or pre contest, body build up immunity to fast, is effective though, I’ve heard of guy’s losing a pound a day on it with no strength lose, including me.

yeah 2 days on and 2 days off seems to be what everyone does so id go for that, to make sure I’m healthy I might do a couple of tests like an EKG(not sure if that’s the name for it) or something

thank you for the advice

Prepare to sweat , and your will shake a bit , seems to cut fat off face faster than other bodyparts. Make sure your getting electrolytes and h2o.

okay got it will do thank you