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Advice on Clen for Ex-Offensive Lineman Looking to Drop Fat


I have been reading about clen, and was wondering if this would help an ex-offensive linemen (285 lbs) drop fat. Or if it is better to first diet and focus on work out plans to drop the fat intially?


Answered your own question.

If you’re not going to get your diet and training in check, don’t bother with steroids.


As a tall fatty at 6’ 6" and 332lbs, I would say stay away from it for now.

I ran 250mg Cyp/Enan (which ever one I could get) every week for a year and then blasted 15 weeks at 500mg per week. I gained very little strength and size and lost some weight. I would run a cycle at 500mg and (myself) being “fat”, I would recommend an AI. I use amiridex at .25X2 a week at 250mg and .5X2 a week at 500mg.

No girlie boobs yet and my manboob (moobs?) are slowly disappearing. I straightened up my diet (big time last week - hopefully more fat loss) and train weights 4 times a week and cardio around 4-5 hours a week.

Note that I gave myself, wish I had read more or was told:

You can go into a slight calorie deficit (go for 1-2lbs weight lose per week) and maintain your muscle strength/size with the help of testosterone (500mg of cyp/enan for myself). Just make sure your diet is “clean” and you are hitting the weights.

They say you need a surplus of calories to make #GAINZ… well, my gain is fat lose. I’m okay with maintaining strength/size right now, I don’t care (yet) to grow. Once I get to 15-20% BF (about 33-34 now), I’ll then start eating to grow with help from gear.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Do some good pre workouts and clean up diet a little will help alot, clen is more effective at lower bodyfat, i personally don’t like my hands trembling like a junkie.
If a light cycle gets you in the gym 4 days a week instead of 2 , go for it, a light cycle of testosterone enathate and winny not hard on body.


Either way I’m fixing my diet and orienting my training more towards fat loss


I would use albuterol if I wear to use any beta 2, especially for a big guy