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Advice on Calorie-Dense, Cheap Foods?


Im looking for easier way to bulk. With “clean” foods for example rice, I CANT get my calorie goal, because im full. I once tried to stuff food in my mouth, (because I had so much food left that day for my calorie goal) i was gagging, almost puked, so no comments like just man up and eat. Cuz I CANT. +3000 is so much for me with “clean” foods. I can get my calories from pizza and shit like that easily, but i dont think thats sustainable healthwise. Also, big no for added sugars.

And here is the catch, im living in a poor country in europe the avarage salary here is 328$. I get around 780$ a month, Im way above avarage but its still shit. Also things like peanut butter is like tenfold more expensive than in america (i eat peanuts tho, 100 gram every day for an easy 600 cal, lol). As for oats, my stomach doesnt tolerate it very much.

So!!! I just stumbled upon a thing called, puffed rice. Its SMALL (doesent blow up that much size wise like cooked rice), CHEAP. Im looking for SMALL and CHEAP foods. Any recipe, or food quirks, or ideas are welcome. Wheat is cheap, so anything from it are welcome as well. Anything you can think of, i will try it if its sound okay-ish. (I tried eating bread by itself… well… lets just say i want to enjoy it a little more than plain bread lol)

Thanks, and have a nice day.

Add fat to your meals. Coconut oil/milk, olive oil, butter to bread etc.


My go to cheap calorie bumper is Maruchan Ramen. It’s like 25 cents or less a pack, and each pack is like 400 calories. I can down two packs in a sitting and have room for more. It’s garbage food and the flavor pack is almost pure sodium; but you can’t beat the cheap, easy calories. Add some chicken, beef or poached eggs and it’s a decent meal.


What’s your height, weight, and current bodyfat?

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Getting enough calories is a matter of choosing the right foods (calorie-dense that still deliver the macros you want) and also adjusting meal timing. Most guys find it easier to eat all day long when they need to put on size, where they’re always eating or drinking something but they’re not feeling super-stuffed most of the day.

Other guys find it better to crush two or three giant meals instead, or two huge meals and a blender bomb shake. A 1,500 calorie meal can be pretty easy to put together.

If you can afford test, tren, and dbol, you forfeit the right to say you can’t afford the right food.


Put in a raw egg and let it cook in the heat before eating. At least you don’t have to feel that bad about it that way lol

Drink a gallon of whole milk everyday

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Have you considered setting aside the money you spend on drugs and using that for food instead?

Doing that, I’d eat beef.


How many calories are you trying to eat? If you’re needing to force feed yourself you’re probably aiming to gain weight too fast. You should be able to gain weight on rice, vegetables, meat, and olive oil, without getting uncomfortably full. Add a meal if you need to.

I’ll second whole milk, had a much leaner bulk 2 years ago doing 3/4 GOMAD compared to eating tons of pb. Just chug a big glass with every meal and eat lots of cheap off brand cereal

Adding honey to my toast has been working well this year.

Noodles/pasta and canned tuna are cheap.

Half and half. Edit-actually whole milk has more calories per dollar.

Fair Life milk is lower in sugar and higher in protein. And tastes great

Have you considered baking sourdough bread? You can bake some pretty dense loaves. Add in raisins and nuts for added calories. Use lots of butter and kefir while baking. Left-over sourdough can be used to make pancakes, dumplings, pizza crusts, noodles, wraps, etcetera. Wheat/rye, whichever.

I prefer whole goat milk but it’s 5.99 a quart

Never tried it. Wish I could get whole raw here but nope.