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Advice on Buying a Bar in UK?

I won’t post a link as I think it is against the rules but does anyone have experience with Physical competition bar or Elite bar. I already use one in the gym but want one for home use. It seems really good but I haven’t used anything else.

I have been recommended the Eleiko bar but it may cost up tp £1000. Which bars do you guys use in the UK?
What do you think of the Werksan and Pendlay bars?

Big D…

I will brag and brag on my eleiko training bar. I have used pretty much all of them. Much is personal preference. I want the new one badly. You can get the old competition bar for the same pric for a limited time (in the US)

It’s all about how much you want to spend. Can you find a ZKC or DHS bar dealer?

I THINK rogues bar will be IWF certified, but once you get into the he eurosteel, you’re talking the same money.

Any quality bearing bar will perform similar.

BTW my eleiko is awesome. Did I mention that?