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Advice on Blood Tests & Libido

92kg / 202lbs
9-14% bf

So I need some advice. I started out my recent cycle on;

750mg test e /week
300mg tren ace/week
250 iu hcg eod
1mg caber / week

Goes to say I had not done any blood tests before cycle, so I was on my on here.
At first I was feeling great, mood was on top, libido was on overdrive. After a few weeks/month I started noticing gyno signs, sensitive nipples, face became very oily and face became a bit more bloated.
I figured my estro was getting high, so I started Aromasin 12,5mg EOD.
The gyno sensation became better after ~2 weeks, but the rest became worse. Figuring I probebly needed to go higher with the Aromasin, so I upped the dose to 25mg EOD.

This was when things got bonkers. Mood became very bad, almost depressed daily, libido went to 0, I couldnt get it up and my morning wood was no more. It got so bad that in the end I didnt want to go to the gym anymore. My body and muscles were aching. Appetite was completly lost.
Thinking that since I upped the Aromasin dose twice already and my well-being became worse and worse, I had to have called it wrong in the first place, perhaps my estro was LOW ( in hindsight, I should’ve gone even high, since estro probebly got out of hand due to too low AI dose)?

So I dropped the aromasin, along with the tren. My well being came back almost within days, body recovered quickly. No real gyno signs either. Everything was great, again - EXCEPT for my libido, which was still completly shit. Almost even worse.

I went to get bloods done for Test and Estro, which came back like this;

S-Testosteron, total
.> 100 nmol/L
8,4-29 nmol/L

S-Estradiol, total
742 pmol/L
<150 pmol/L

(The conversion factor is something like this.
Estradiol: pg/mL x 3.676 = pmol/L (molecular weight = 272))

So, my estro seems to be sky high, almost 4 times higher than its supposed to?
What is considered a good estro measurement when being on a 750mg test e / week?
Im jumping on the Aromasin train again but what should I be aiming for? Since 25mg EOD obv didnt do the trick? Start at 37.5mg EOD? Or is that too modest?
I want my libido back ><

Thankfull for all and any advice I can get.

Tren shows on the test as estrogen so you cannot use this to determine high estrogen

Have you used tren before and had any issues?

I would just drop it now - it ruined my last cycle. I never felt right, libido was all over the place and i had no appetite and couldn’t gain much weight.

Just go 750mg test a week and run either 12.5 or 25 mg aromasin eod and redo estrogen in a few weeks.

If i ever use tren again it will be 350mg ace a week with low test to cut. Anything else it is no good for me

actually, like i wrote in the initial post, i dropped the tren about 2 weeks before taking the blood tests. So I doubt thats whats showing :confused:

Ah right sorry mate i skim read the post whilst at work - Tren can show up as estrogen on blood tests but obviously that’s not the case for you.

I haven’t used aromasin so not sure how much you should take. Given that you have gone for periods not running any AI I’d probably go 25mg eod and restest in a few weeks

Tren even ace can definitely be in your system weeks later. Let me explain. Even with a half life of 1.5 days - they compound. So day one is say 50 mg. Day three is half that plus new injection. That’s 75mg. Day five is 50 mg plus 37.5 mg. A few weeks of this and you have lots of tren floating around your system. People don’t understand compounding halflife. And also just because the active tren is being eliminated, metabolites stick around quite awhile and fuck you up. Give it a few more weeks bro.

An short update.

I upped my dose of Aromasin, because it feelt like nothing was happening, to 25mg ed.

So far, I dropped ~2,5kg (dat water retention…) and my libido urge is back and firing. Im horny several times throughout the days BUT im having hell of a timing making it stand. It just doesnt want to get hard.

Hoping this will change in the coming weeks as estro goes down…