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I’m very new to lifting and came across 5/3/1 in reddit r/bjj to improve my strength for jiu jitsu since I stopped going to the gym. Before my gym time consisted of an Andre Johnson workout I found on that I used religiously for about 2 years then an MMA template I found in a UFC Fit magazine for another 2 years before quitting about a year ago due to time constraints with school.

I snagged 5/3/1 for my Kindle even though everyone said do MadCow if you’re a noob because I wanted to finally go with a book over an internet article.

Right now I’m beginning my 3rd week in my first cycle of 5/3/1 with body weight assistance work. I also just bought Beyond 5/3/1 and got a huge information overload and thought to myself I’m probably doing everything wrong. Like the jackass that I am I haven’t been using training maxes for my percentages, but instead using my actual 1RM. I know I’m a dumbass…

Anyways after reading through Beyond I tried making a new template to follow after I finish this cycle and was hoping if you guys can approve/tweak it. I was thinking 5’s progression for the 6 week cycle. Increase TM after 3rd week then deload after the 6th.

I’m using a Body-Bands 1/4" band rated 5-15lbs for my band pull aparts and a PVC pipe for my shoulder dislocates.

Beyond Warm-up Super-setting 25 Shoulder Dislocates & 10LB. Chest Passes or Slams(depends how full the gym is)
5’s Progression Percentages
75 Pull-up Negatives
75 Dips

Beyond Warm-up Super-setting 25 Shoulder Dislocates & 5 Box to Box to Floor Jumps
5’s Percentages
75 GHR
75 Leg Raises

Bench Press
Beyond Warm-up Super-setting 25 Shoulder Dislocates & 25 Band Pullaparts
5’s Percentages
75 Pull-up Negatives
75 Push-ups

Beyond Warm-up Super-setting 25 Shoulder Dislocates & 5 Box to Box To Floor Jumps
5’s Percentages
75 TRX Assisted Pistols or Reverse Lunges(depending on knee pain)
75 Sit-ups

Follow till Week 4 where I increase my TM and continue 5’s Progression Percentages for another 3 weeks then Deload

First question though is how would I determine my TM after I finish this cycle using my actual 1RM for my percentages?

Second is how do you recommend raising my TM after Week 3?

To determine your TM, take a PR set from each lift and plug them into that formula you saw in the book or a 1rm calculator. Take 90% of that and voila. Don’t raise your TM on cycle 2 since you didn’t begin properly; consider it your “break-in” period.

BTW it’s best to shy away from making any alterations/Frankensteining templates.

Honestly, too much, (that pile of coke is back) just do the standard programming outlined in the 2nd edition for 6 months. What you’ve added takes some auto regulation that from your description isn’t you. Yet!

Main lift

Slowly add in jk sets and FSL when you’re more settled in the groove.

Try BBB or the 531 beginner programming on Jim’s site. As for 1rm and percentages I have no idea what you’re on about.

1rm take 90& = Training Max
After a cycle up weights as noted (2.5,kg upper 5kg lower or for newer folks 5kg upper and 10kg lower)

The book had a template in 5’s progressions for beginners that had 2 or 3 Joker sets after the regular 3x5 lifts so I was thinking just do 1 Joker and 1 FSL after my main 3x5 lifts while following the body weight assistance lifts, or maybe just 1 FSL after my main lifts wouldn’t be too strenuous.

I read that I should be doing overhead throws for the medicine balls, but that won’t be possible for me. I think someone said slamming isn’t a true alternative either. Is the standing chest pass good enough?

FSL OR Jokers. Better yet, follow the program, set a low TM and try the jokers. Build confidence.

Don’t improvise. Do for 4-6 months, get some conditioning, etc

So my current 1RM in KG for Press 65, Bench 92, Squat & Deadlift 110 I would do 85% and make that my training max.

Use that TM as the base for the beginner’s 5’s Progression template with the Jokers?

After week 3 increase Press & Bench TM by 5LBS and Squat & Deadlift by 10LBS and follow the template again for another 3 weeks then deload on week 7?

For at least the first ew cycles drop the jokers and FSL and just focus on bringing it/rep PRs on the top set

I would not do Joker sets as a beginner. It’s hard enough to autoregulate when you’ve lifted for years and the way they are being programmed in the OP is not how they are supposed to be used per Beyond. If I’m not mistaken Jim has backed off recommending Joker’s for basically this reason.

I probably wouldn’t do the FSLs as a beginner for a while either. I would concentrate on the rep pr’s for a solid year or two utilizing the 5/3 concept.

OP, you need to learn how to lift. My .02 cents anyway.

So my template would work with the supersets if I took out the Joker and FSL set following the 5’s progression?

That’s a loaded question isn’t it… I’ve never used the 5’s progression, but it seems to be pretty popular around here. As long as you are following what Jim has prescribed for the 5’s progression the rest is just your warm-up and assistance work and as long as they are helping you improve the main lifts then it should be fine. If it’s too much, too little, and/or not the right assistance work you need to be able to recognise that and adjust. Your focus and effort should be on the 4 main lifts. Everything else is secondary.

As far as raising TM goes, Jim recommends (I assume he still does) adding 10lbs to the squat and deadlift and 5lbs the bench and overhead press after each cycle. After 5 cycles reset to your 2nd cycle TM and start again.

Just re-read the 5’s progression as it seems to be the new lover child round here, it looks good. I’ve never done it or had anyone with me do it as I’m a bit of a stickler for the original 5/3/1 as that’s where I started (Like the guy who hates the band now they’re doing well). The 5’s look like its so that the weights can be given change to prove the lifter and the lifter to prove what they can do. So if you want to do it crack on.

Personally, I would recommend big but boring. Nothing hammers in form and muscle memory like the beloved 5 set of 10. Let the main sets be 5’s, 3’s and 1’s and if you think there too light then smash the last set and the assistance - sacrifice load for volume. As soon enough the heavy lifts will arrive, then start working in JK and FSL, as by this point the high volume work will have you in perfect form.

Just pick one, but stick with it for 3 months, then reassess.

Me neither. Just telling him to follow the damn program.

The problem with jokers Is people are dumbasses, throw the principles out the window, treat the TM like a speed limit then complain about progress…

At this point, he’d be better off using only 5/3/1 to learn the basics. And doing instead of questioning.

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I think Jim recommended the 531 prep program for beginners which is 5 pro and 5x5 fsl for 12 weeks think it was 3 day full body -squat day 1 -bench press day 2 -deadlift/press day 3. With dips/chins/rows/abs/back raises as assistance, should be in previous posts. Dont forget to eat everything sleep mobility work condition and train like a fucking beast. What template you do means shit if you dont do those things.