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Advice on B&C with Test/Tren/Mast

Hey guys I wanted to hear your thoughts on my B&C. I’ve been cruising on test cyp for a while now at 250mg/week. Last year in the summer I did a small blast with winny for 6 weeks and got back on my cruise at the some dosage. I stopped test for the last three months to give my body a break and everything is fine, no problem.
I am getting back on a cruise with test cyp 250mg a week / pin M and Th - but would like to do a short 6 week blast again in the near future.
Advice would be appreciated as always!

Here is the plan:
Week 1-12 (3months roughly) TEST CYP
250mg / week pin: M&TH

The next 6 weeks after that…BLAST!
Week 13-18: pinning M&Th
Continue with TEST CYP 250mg / week
TEST PROP 100mg / week
MAST PROP 100mg / week
TREN ACE 100mg / week
After the 6 weeks of blast, I would go back to cruising on Test cyp at 250mg

I have Aromasin and Cab on hand as well, as needed.

I also plan just straight cutting during this time, no plan to bulk at any time.

I’m a big fan, and believer in micro-dosing. I don’t have plans to compete or do bodybuilding. Im also an athlete good genes very aesthetic body look / I like running / staying lean / hitting the gym hard whatever (Useless info I’m sure lol, but why not add it to give you a better idea)

Let’s here it guys, your thoughts input / very appreciated!!

Sorry should have read better. I am guessing micro dosing is a health choice? and means you are also pinning daily? So I love the cycle as planned.

Consider Nolva instead of Caber / Aromasin. I have ran Caber and found it didnt do a ton for me. Until the science gets in on this it is all very personal preference.

I like the low dose approach with the tren. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that 250 test is not a cruise dose. A cruise is supposed to mimic your natural state and 250 is not it. Most guys who cruise do so at much lower doses, like 100-200.

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That is correct, mostly a health choice. It’s a smarter approach for me as well. I will be pinning as I have before, 2x a week for a total of 250mg of Test Cyp a week. I’ve been reading up on Nolva and hearing more and more people recommend it on cycle rather than Aromasin. Good point on the personal preference. I will make note on that as well.

Thoughts on the Blast?
With Tren, Mast and test prop at 50mg / 2x a week for a total of 100mg a week
Continue with the Test Cyp at 250mg a week as well.

I wouldn’t go higher than 250 a week Test cyp. Then I’m definitely not on a cruise, I agree. I will roughly Be in that range of what you mentioned. Appreciate the feedback. I’m hearing mixed things about the Tren, Mast at such dosage. I just wanted to confirm that I’m good at the the 100mg a week total / pinning 2x a week of 50mg


Probably need to pin the tren at least eod. The fluctuations will be miserable otherwise.

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Good feedback. I’ll micro dose it and pin more frequently during the week, but keep it at 100mg / a week.
The 3 compounds are all mixed together as well. 150 mg
Test Prop
Mast Prop
Tren Ace
At 100 mg / a week I’ll be able to run it for a total of 6 weeks which is good.

Hmm, now that I think about it… would I be able to pin it sub q using an insulin syringe?? Due to frequency and not having much to pin at a time…

I’ll have to look into this, your thoughts?

Yes, you totally can. In the unlikely event that the oil is too “thick” you can always still buy thicker needles but almost all my pins are subQ with insulin needles.

I’ve always wondered how harsh on neurology, lipids, cardiovascular parameters low dosages, say 50-100mg tren would be… granted I wouldn’t use tren, but it’s an interesting prospect. Has the potential to be very effective at very little cost

I personally like to micro dose all my compounds and run them at lower dosages. Adjust accordingly if necessary, but that won’t be the plan with this stack.
Also I don’t want to go from 0-120 real quick, if you know what I mean… slow and steady wins the race for me, personally.
Side note for me; I am on a trt dose for life, whether that’s is self prescribed or going back to my health clinic for scrips.

Good Input Btw!

I thought TRT was the low mimic of normal (under 200), cruise was higher (200-500), then blast is super fun gainzville (500+)

That’s how I see it too

Cruise doesn’t neseccsarily equate to TRT

Though I wouldn’t call 400 mg a cruise dose

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Cruise basically means TRT but without a doctor supervising you. It’s supposed to be interchangeable as far as dosing and protocols. The distinction is generally between it being an actual medical treatment vs self administration.

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You make a very good point here with cruise and trt. Though I have seen trt dosed at 250/week. I started at 100 and went up to 200 and then eventually to 250.
Each Person is different Or some similar when it comes to the “perfect dose”

100-250 I would consider a cruise. If you’re just starting out then start at the lower dosage and monitor, eventually adjust the dose if needed.

I think that’s probably as close to consensus as exists on this topic. I’ve seen guys try to argue that 400/w was trt. Hell, I’ve seen guys argue using low dose tren still counted as a cruise.

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I’ll be honest… in MY opinion, for most… 250mg test weekly isn’t a cruise dose, it’s a mild cycle

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