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Advice on Aromasin Usage?

hello, again.

so i am on test enanthate. been on this stuff for about 9 months. i used to take 200mg per week. for the past three months i have reduced my dosage way down to about 50mg per week.

my estrogen is pretty high. that is the problem. i have never taken an estrogen blocker. i tried natural estrogen blockng foods and vitamins but they did not have a noticeable effect.

i have terrible acne on back and chest. never had this problem before i started taking testosterone. also, i am gaining fat far more easily than ever before. i look pretty bad right now despite my muscle growth.

so i want to increase my test intake back up to 100 or 200 mg per week. and i want to get rid of the fat. my soft pectoral muscles are fucking nasty. i am really fucking scared they are going to turn into bitch titties.

so please let me know how much of this aromasin shit i should take.

my estrogen is at the very top of the normal range. my test level is about 1.25 times top normal limit.

i have a box of aromasin pills that are 25mg each. i also have a box of nolvadex.

You could just inject smaller doses multiple times per week, but if your not wanting to do that, then I would start out by cutting the aromasin pills into 1/4s and take it once a week for two weeks and see how you do, then if everything is is more or less unchanged increase it to twice weekly.

thanks bro. im just going to go for it. i’ll take your advice, it seems conservative. i’ll get some lab work done along the way, to make sure i am not fucking myself up.

i also forgot to mention that i tried doses every three or four days. my estrogen levels did not seem to decrease very much. but to be honest, i only tried for a month or two. maybe i did not try long enough.

i have seen steady decline in e levels following my decrease in enanthate dosage quantity. that is why i am finally going to try the aromasin (because i tried the other possibilities for decreasing E levels). i will return to enanthate doses twice per week, probably, later on down the line. i want to get back on 200mg/250mg per week and lifting 3 or 4 times per week–that’s fun living.

I am going to decide that this is not a troll and respond. If you are down to 50 mg a week, there is seriously zero chance that your Test level is 1.25 top normal limit. It isn’t. That little gem right there is putting me on the fence about you being a troll.
So, your E2 is too high. Take some AI. What are your labs, and what was the dose when the labs were done? With ranges por favor.
Next, this ain’t rocket science. I don’t care if you micro dose 3 shots a day, that is not going to resolve your issue. If you have Nolvadex, start taking 10 mg a day and take a real dose of test. You could alternately try 1/4 pill of arimidex EOD and see how that goes. Probably won’t be enough, but I know 50 mg of test a week combined with heavy aromatisation is going to transition you into a woman quick enough. Or just buy a Mansierre and go with it.

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I have tested my t levels and e about 10 times.
when i first stated taking t my test levels were mid normal.
perhaps my test level is now at about the top level of normal. but every time i have tested it in the past it has been 1.5 times normal. i have not tested it since i reduced down to 50mg per week. but i assume it is still high. i also have a calendar for all my injections and workouts.

the problem is my E is stubbornly high. i dont know what a mansierre is. i will look it up to catch the joke. :slight_smile:

another problem is i have always been scared to take the anti aromatisation or estrogen blocking pills because i have heard so many times on youtube or on websites like this one, that they should be avoided if possible because they are unhealthy.

also note, my E level was extremely low before i started taking test. it was at the level of a young child. if you want me to post images of my labs i can do this. it’s easier to help somoene when you trust they are not lying.

You shouldn’t do anything with an AI until you have run tests with your current dosing. I really doubt your still high with your test dosage as low as it is. Could be wrong but I don’t think that 50mg is even an effective dosage and would put you low t now.

im going to get tests today. i have been on 50 mg per week for a month. my e level should finally be low again. i will start to pin a larger dose next week. then i will test again and start to take an AI.

Even if you REALLY need to do AI aromasin is a very shitty choice.

Enlighten me please. I really need guidance. (I just donated blood.)

I can get most drugs. I live in Greece and I also get drugs from a dealer and/or a doctor in ukraine.

First you try to avoid AI as much as possible and don’t take that shit unless aboslutely necessary and only for short amount of time. Split your test on more frequent injections and probably you will not need AI.

Even if you do you take Arimedex very small dosages only and not prolonged period of time. I do not see blood work showing exceeding estrogen…

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what is so bad about these drugs. everyone says they are dangerous but so far no one as told me why. my estrogen was once twice the highest of the normal range.this happened when i was taking 250 per week.

you are not understanding me. i take test all year round. it causes me to have very high e. i have terrible acne on chest and back. my fat content is super high. i look like shit. i am tired of this. so i want to get rid of the e and get cut. no more fat and no more body acne. no soft nipples too. it’s fucking disgusting.

so tell me something i do not already know.

I think some people don’t respond well to AIs. I don’t have any sides from them, but I take 0.125 mg of adex twice a week. I think that is a pretty low dose (I take 150 mg test a week with HCG as well).

If you need an AI start low. You do not want to crash your E2.

1 mg of adex (anastrozal) is about equal to 25 mg of aromasin. If you go up to 100 mg of test per week, I think you should start with about 5 mg of aromasin split twice a week.

To get these micro doses, some people dissolve adex in vodka and use a dropper. I don’t know if this works with aromasin? You could google it.

Then use blood work to adjust the dose after 4-6 weeks.

that sounds like a good plan. thanks

Why not just Start out with DIM and see how that works then move on to a A.I

What are your labs when you were running 250mg a week? Test, free test, E2 etc.

AI’s may affect lipid profile in a negative way, its not clear on that though . Depending on how low you drive your E2 and for how long you could cause osteoperosis. Can cause muscle and joint pain. I am trying to get my joints feeling better again after using too much AI myself.

I am not saying don’t use an AI but avoid it if at all possible. 250mg a week sounds like a very high dosage so it does not surprise me your E was high and I imagine your T was high also. If you can get your E down with dosage adjustments do that first. DO NOT add an AI in now though after you have dropped dosage until you know where you are at.

You may not be saying this but high E2 does not cause fat gain. High fat causes high E2, if anything low E2 will cause more fat gain.

E2 should never be blocked or managed under any circumstances. Everything being discussed here is based on bro science and goes completely against the literature. E2 is crucial for health, libido, and erection strength. Get off the AI, give your body time to adjust and I promise you that you will be feeling better than you ever have before.

That is a pretty strong statement there. What about for breast cancer? Surely you would manage your E2 if you were getting gyno, right? You might manage it by lowering test, but that is still managing it.

Pretty silly way to start a post.

Really, everything? Why do some of the best TRT doctors use AIs? Can you provide literature that says AIs should never be used?

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I am part of an evidence based group of doctors where the current literature and research is posted. Breast cancer is not the same as guys doing TRT. Gyno has NOTHING to do with E2 (yes, you read that correctly). Why would you lower test when you need to optimize free T? Free T levels need to be optimized. That is the priority. Provide me your evidence that one should block E2 (I’ll sit here and wait patiently). You guys have a LOT of catching up to do. Our Facebook group posts all of the current literature and research. The top doctors are IN that group and NONE of them use an AI for TRT. We have mountains of evidence and research there. You can make things easy and do a YouTube search for “Testosterone and Estrogen in Men: Good, Bad or Indifferent?” by Dr. Neal Rouzier who leads the field in TRT and trains the top physicians on the subject. You might have also seen another thread in this forum where a guy went to see Dr. Nichols and totally changed his life. Dr. Nichols is in our group and was also trained by Dr. Rouzier. Before you say things are silly, you might want to start realizing that the bro science that most of the guys teach here (I know, I was once like you) is absolute BS.