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Advice on AIs and SERMS?

I’ve never taken an AI or a SERM but recently I’ve had sensitive nipples and starting to hold fat around the waist and lower back. I’ve been reading articles and watching videos but advice for my specific situation would be much appreciated. I’ve been on Test E 250 for 5 months. 4 weeks ago I finished my second bottle of Tren E 200.

My dosing varies but 2nd bottle of tren was compounded with Test E at a rate of 1c of each every other day. 7 days ago I started Masteron E 200. My current dose is 1/2c Masteron and 1/2c Test E every other day. I just received liquid anastrozole 1mg per ml and tamoxifen 20mg per ml. If anyone has any advice on a safe yet effective dosage of these compunds to add to my cycle I’d be grateful.

I’m not so sure I understand the layout or logic of your cycling. For that matter are you even cycling or perma-blasting? Sensitive nipples isn’t much to worry about unless you start developing lumps or nodules. Fat around waist and lower back is all diet my friend.

If you have signs of high E2 such as bloating, high BP, erectile etc you can take an AI but stat in small doses. If its just concerns of gyno then you can use a low dose SERM.

Tren does not aromatize but can cause elevated prolactin in large doses. The solution is cabergoline but again only use if necessary.

Masteron is a DHT derivative and actually desensatizes E2 receptors in breast tissue. So you don’t need an AI or SERM with it.

I’m new to all of this really. 1st time running anything was 5 months ago. The advice I’ve gotten is from friends who honestly don’t know what they’re talking about. That’s why I’m seeking advice here

Well you don’t typically run ANYTHING for 5 months straight other than a TRT dose. Are already on or looking to continue a TRT regimen? Please layout exactly what you’ve done week by week and at what dose. Remember to list doses in mgs not volumes such as 1cc.