Advice on AI Dosing?

Hi all

I’ve been on Testim since Jan this year - after 1 tube worked and then failed I moved to two tubes per day - I apply these in the morning on my shoulders / back.

In March, after a month on two tubes my labs were T-12 (348) and E2-83, range 1-141, (22) - blood drawn 26 hours after last application.

I’ve recently been feeling a bit moody, anxious and generally rubbish. Energy levels declining, weaker erections. I asked for labs again a couple of days ago and got the following:

T-23.1 (663), E2-147 (40). These were one hour after application.

My guess is I could do with lowering my E2?

Please could someone recommend an appropriate dose of something (Arimidex?).

I’m in the UK and may have trouble convincing the doctor, but if I can recommend a dose he might let me try it! I guess I could then run labs again after a few weeks?

Thanks in anticipation.


Please read the advice for new guys sticky. More applicable info in the protocol for injections and the estradiol sticky.

Thyroid can also make you feel down, check body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. May not be your major cause but can easily make a bad situation even worse. Many who come here with T issues have non-optimal thyroid performance. A significant cause is iodine deficiency.

As you can see, T levels with transdermals can be of short duration.

Transdermal T is the worst for E2 levels, frequent injections lead to lower E2 levels with T levels that are quite steady.

Hello KSman

Many thanks for the reply. My thyroid was checked at the same time as the original testosterone levels - apparently all was fine, even though the doctor thought my symptoms were more likely to due to thyroid than test.

I’ll have another look in the stickies, but I couldn’t immediately see dosing recommendations for AI.



Need thyroid numbers: docs are very useless in dealing with sub-lethal thyroid problems. “apparently all fine” does not work

Try 1.0 mg anastrozole per week in divided doses. You will need to do labs and make adjustments. But labs are a mess with transdermal and the lab value uncertainty makes anastrozole dosing a crap shoot. Suggest that you inject T at least twice a week as per the stickies and follow the anastrozole dosing suggested there.