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Advice on Administering TRT? IM/SubQ, Depth, Location

Hey guys. I am 20 y/o and have been placed on TRT I have a 84 level on a scale 380-1200. My doctor prescribed me 200mg/ml Cypionate once every 2 weeks. From my experience I know that doing it more often will be better as the highs/lows will not be as bad. SO my plan is to do it twice per week 50mg per injection. Same result as 200mg every 2 weeks.

My dilemma is all the talk about subqutaneous vs IM. I do not understand it. I use either 1-1.5inch needles around 24 gauge. I have no problem with needle size or pain. My concern is over does injection IM twice per week vs SubQ twice per week yield different or better results? I get the understanding IM is using a 1.5inc needle and going down deeper. Is it okay to switch up like one day do butt and use 1inch needle, next time use 1.5 and do leg, next time do 1inch in leg? I just want to make sure it will all be absorbed. Thanks guys.

Go to youtube and type in John Crissler TRT injection

He does one in the stomach using a small needle.

Theres videos of Nelson Virgil doing it in the delt too.

Theyre just smaller thinner needles that go into the fat layer

My question was not on “how” to inject but rather does injecting in different areas and at deeper depths produce different results

IM shots anywhere will absorb faster than Subq. Subq shots absorb at different levels depending on how much fat.

If you are heavy in the waist line try Subq in your thigh.

Also - you only need a 1/2" 27-29 gauge needle for Subq.

Im pretty thin. I weigh 170 5’10. But I can inject anywhere and it will all be abosrbed eventually right? SO i int he long run it doesnt really matter except preference

That’s correct.

No, it doesn’t. A lot of this stuff is overrated talk (e.g. IM versus subcutaneous and 50 mg 2x/week versus 100 mg 1/wk, need for an AI, fear of HCG destroying Leydig cells, etc.)

subq absorbs slower and your hormone levels are then steadier avoiding peaks and troughs.

High peaks from infrequent injections can really mess with your mood/mind and can also promote high hematocrit and higher estradiol [E2] levels.

Most need to actively manage E2 levels with anastrozole to get near E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L. Anastrozole is a competitive drug and needs to be matched to your serum T levels. So if serum T levels are not steady, E2 management will not be good.

All T injected subq or IM is100% absorbed.

subq also avoids a lifetime of muscle damage

insulin needles are all that you need for subq or shallow IM.

Suggest #29 1/2" 0.5ml [not 1.0ml] insulin syringes.

Pinch up skin over upper leg and inject into end of fold with needle parallel to and avoiding muscles. Look for and avoid veins.

After injecting, press firmly on injection site with finger to allow tissues to seal up avoiding leakage or bleed bruising.

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