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Advice on Abdominal Strain/Tear


Hey everyone, so I have a slight tear in my lower right abdomen. I've already ruled out a hernia by going to the doctor, and he said it was just a strain/tear from weightlifting. The symptoms are that it feels bruised under the skin when I poke at the area, and also feels bruised when I stretch the skin.

I called my doctor again today because it has been 15 days since I felt the slight pain and it honestly doesn't feel like it has gotten any better. He told me there is not much you can do for something about this except rest/time, but obviously I'm getting impatient. He mentioned that I could do a ultrasound if I wanted, but said it probably wouldn't be too helpful.

I'm wondering if any of you guys have any experience with an injury like this? How long did it take you to recover, even a minor one like this? Did a physical therapist do anything to speed up recovery? For me, I can lift pain-free but I have a feeling if I lift I'll exacerbate the problem. Thanks.


I've got something similar, and so far what I've been doing is wearing some loose briefs on squats and deadlifts to help protect the area and doing a lot of mobility work. As they say, time will heal all wounds...


How the hell did you do that?


It was either during squats, which I doubt because I was wearing a belt, or during kneeling cable crunches. I went up to 145 lbs. on the cable stack for those and it could have gotten overstretched at the top of the movement when it pulls you up.


Briefs huh... you think my singlet would work just as well?


Probably the cable crunches.


Yeah it makes sense... not gonna do those for a while... or at least not kneeling.


No, I was talking about a pair of powerlifting briefs, something like the Inzer Power pants or similar. I wear a loose pair and it helps to protect trhe area. You could also use some neoprene shorts like the Rehbands. Some people I know swear by this. The singlet isn't going to do much if anything.


Ah ok, thanks. Briefs may be the answer then, I'll do some research... I'm looking at the Frantz ones if I can find them. I'd get the Rehband shorts if they would go higher on the abs and didn't stop at the waist. And what size waist are you, and which size briefs do you have if you don't mind me asking? I have no idea which size to buy for a "loose" brief (I'm size 34-36).


I'm not sure of my waist size, probably somewhere around 33-34. Inzer 36 briefs are somewhat loose on me, so that should hopefully give you an idea of the size difference. A good rule would be order one size up from what they recommend for your weight on the website. It also depends on the circumference of your thighs. Ultimately tho, it's going to be pretty individual. Hope this helps.


Yeah thanks for the info. I ordered Titan Centurion briefs, should have them soon. Before I even start DLing and squatting again I'm gonna see what a PT can do for me.